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Revised Glasgow Schedules & New Routes


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Revised Glasgow Schedules & New Routes


As part of Fly UK's operations review, we are pleased to announce that our Scottish base Glasgow has had a complete overhaul with new destinations ranging from Europe to Western America. Some of the new routes include:

- Berlin
- Krakow
- Munich
- Vancouver via Calgary
- Newark
- Bournemouth

The revised schedules are now in operation and are ready to be flown. Flight manifest data including suggested routes, estimated times and distances has also been updated.

The Fly UK operations review is progressing well, we have already launched our new winter charter programme, brand new FLY2 route network, new regional turboprop routes, new Plymouth base and now revised schedules for Glasgow.

We hope you enjoy these new schedules. Your feedback is very important to us, please tell us what you think of the revised Glasgow schedules in our feedback forum topic.

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Robert Allen - Operations Department

Carl Chamberlain - Operations Department
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