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New - Fly UK Local

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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New - Fly UK Local


Fly UK are pleased to annouce the addition of a new system to our website - Fly UK Local.

The new system allows you to find other Fly UK members in your area. You can find out about real world events/meet ups, send website messages to Fly UK members in your area and view/add listings to the regional directories which contain aviation/flight sim related listings. There is also a sub forum for each region in our community forums where you can discuss what's going on in your area and arrange meet ups.

We are in the process of recruiting a regional representative for each region of the UK, regional reps will be responsible for maintaining the regional directory and adding official regional events and meet ups to the system. If you are interested in becoming the representative for your region, please email chris.sutcliffe[at]flyuk.aero (replace [at] with @).

> Fly UK Local

Please note that the regional rosters only list Fly UK members who have chosen to specify their region. Members are able to specify their region via the 'My Controls' page in the 'Crew Centre'.

What if I live outside the UK? If you live outside the UK then we have created a new roster that allows you to view Fly UK members by country.

> Fly UK International Roster

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
CEO - Chris Sutcliffe
Email: chris.sutcliffe[at]flyuk.aero
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