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**Updated** FlyUno Staff Recruitment!!!!


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Dear Pilots,


On behalf of FlyUno we would like to inform those that applied for job positions that the following vacancies have now closed:


Human Resources Director

Liverpool John Lennon HUB Manager

IVAO Events Manager

Vatsim Events Manager


To all those that applied for the above positions, you should now have recieved an e-mail from myself explaining the next step for you to take.


I would like to thank everyone that applied, and i wish everyone the best of luck.




But fear not, if you have not sent an application to us, then this is your chance to send us your's, we still have the following vacancies open:


Marketing Department: (1 Vacancy)


In this position, you are responsible for the following items:




· Creating a monthly press release to be posted on all Flight Simulator community forums and sites. Press releases should promote Flyuno and its key, fundamental features and continual improvements with the latest news and events.


· Create and post press releases and news updates on the Flyuno web site and the Fly UK community forums (if managers from other departments would like for you to create a press release for them, they will supply all information necessary using the ‘Press Release Form’ which will then be forwarded to yourself).


· Handle liaison with other virtual aviation organisations and real world organisations.


· Handle codeshare agreements, airline partnerships and associates.


· Seek discounts and offers for Flyuno members and handle liaison between Flyuno and publishers or companies of Flight Simulator add-on-packages.


· Review and create marketing plans for areas and departments of Flyuno.


· Answer any queries or problems that are put forward by Flyuno pilots to the staff inbox or the High Flyer Club community forums regarding press releases or marketing in general.


Hub Managers: (2 Vacancies)


Amsterdam Schiphol Hub Manager – 1 Vacancy


Munich Hub Manager – 1 Vacancy


The following applies for all HUB Manager Positions:


- Reviewing flight statistics and promoting destinations that Flyuno pilots should fly to from your HUB.


· Creating a reference page, each month, informing Flyuno pilots of the “Destination of the Month” at your HUB, including information such as airport details, runway details, location details (in both Flight Simulator and real world), providing links to freeware scenery and payware scenery, taking screenshots and locating real life images.


· Issuing press releases with destination statistics and promoting Flyuno and your HUB and its “Destination of the Month”. These press releases should be posted onto Flight Simulator community forums as well as the High Flyer Club community forums and media centre.


· Answer any queries or problems that are put forward by Flyuno pilots to the staff inbox or the High Flyer Club community forums regarding the “Destination of the Month”.


- Promoting your HUB to make Flyuno pilots want to join and fly your routes.






** This applies to all staff positions! **




- As a staff member, you are required to assist the rest of the staff in helping members with general enquiries as well as specific enquiries, related to your role, received in our staff inbox, forums, your personal inbox or on the Teamspeak server.


- As a staff member, you will also be expected to attend our management meetings (exceptions to some positions apply), provide a staff profile which must be kept up to date and include a staff photo, show enthusiasm and dedication.


- Each staff member will be issued with an @flyuno.com email account.




We do ask that you only apply if you are completely serious about the staff position and, as per the Flyuno Equal Opportunities Policy, all are welcome to apply for any of the staff positions, no previous virtual airline management experience is necessary although this would be advantageous to the candidate.




If you are interested in any of the above staff positions then please contact the Managing Director by sending them an email at sam.eaton@flyuno.com. (If viewing this from a forum you can apply by sending a PM to the staff member who posted this press release)




When you apply, please ensure that you include the following information:




- Your full name


- Your UKV pilot ID (Only If Applicable)


- The staff position you would like to apply for


- Why you would like to apply for the staff position


- Any previous experience


- What you feel you have to offer to the position, staff team and Fly UK Virtual Airways as a whole


- Any other information you deem advantageous to your application for the staff position.


- Are you a member of another Virtual Airline.




The closing date for all applications is: Saturday 24th February 2007 (We will contact all applicants during the week following the above date)




We look forward to hearing from you and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Flyuno.com Managing Director.




Thank you for your cooperation and good luck!

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