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Operations Survey - The Results


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Operations Survey - The Results

At Fly UK, your feedback is very important to us. We released an operations survey on the 8th of February to find out what members think about our operations. The survey closed on 15th February and we have had of total of 100 responses.

The results are as follows:

1. Do you think tour flights should count towards your rank hours?
Yes 83.0% 83
No 17.0% 17

2. From the list below, please choose two of the destinations you would most likely fly to?
Palma 36.0% 36
Madrid 28.0% 28
Edinburgh 43.0% 43
New York 22.0% 22
Innsbruck 28.0% 28
Nice 22.0% 22
Dubai 21.0% 21

3. Do you like the long haul operations that Fly UK operate?
Yes 41.0% 41
No 11.0% 11
Never Flown Long Haul 48.0% 48

4. Which type of flight do you fly the most? (pick two)
Scheduled 87.0% 87
Regional 54.0% 54
Charter 27.0% 27
Low Cost 32.0% 32

5. Would you like to see a small jet aircraft added to Class E?
Yes 77.0% 77
No 23.0% 23

6. Would you prefer Fly UK to have limited UK bases with lots of routes from each base, or lots of UK bases with limited amount of routes from each base?
Limited Bases With Lots Of Routes 75.0% 75
Limited Routes With Lots Of Bases 25.0% 25

7. Do you believe in terms of realism, that Fly UK has too many flights per week?
Yes 28.0% 28
No 72.0% 72

8. On tour flights, would you prefer a selection of aircraft for each leg, or have an aircraft assigned to the leg?
Selection Of Aircraft 68.0% 68
Assigned Aircraft 32.0% 32

9. Would you prefer assigned flights or do you prefer booking your own flights as the current system operates?
Assigned Flights 33.0% 33
Booking Your Own Flights 66.0% 66

10. Would you prefer a random callsign? For example: UKV2535, UKV9HY?
Yes Random Callsigns: UKV2535 / UKV9HY 22.0% 22
No Current Callsigns: UKV223A / UKV239B 77.0% 77

The Fly UK staff team would like to thank each member who took the time to complete our survey and we will take the above set of results into consideration when discussing changes to Fly UK operations.

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Robert Allen - Head of Operations
Email: robert.allen[at]flyuk.aero

Carl Chamberlain - Operations
Email: carl.chamberlain[at]flyuk.aero
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