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30% Discount at FS2Crew Online Store for Fly UK Members

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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30% Discount at FS2Crew Online Store for Fly UK Members


We are pleased to announce that Fly UK members are now able to receive a 30% discount on FS2Crew products!

With FS2Crew, you’re no longer flying alone; you’re flying as part of a Team. Just like the Pro's do! Using procedures scripted from real airlines and real airline pilots, FS2Crew adds the flight, cabin and ground crew to your favourite FS aircraft. Products available for FS2004 and FSX.

In order to receive a 30% discount when shopping at the FS2Crew online store you will need to enter the Fly UK discount coupon code (on checkout page) which can be found on the 'Offers & Discounts' page under the 'Community' menu of our website.

We would like to thank the team at FS2Crew and we are privileged to be the first virtual airline they have chosen to offer this discount to.

About FS2Crew:

FS2Crew was established in 2004 by an international team of programmers, graphic artists and airline professionals who came together to create realistic airline crew simulations for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

The idea behind the FS2Crew concept is a simple one: It's not realistic to fly large airlines like they're Cessna 172's. It's a two person job, and getting an airliner from A to B involves interacting with a lot of different people.

It's the "people element" of airline flying that FS2Crew attempts to model.

FS2Crew currently supports the following aircraft:

• PMDG MD-11
• PMDG 747
• PMDG 737
• Wilco feelThere Airbus
• Level-D 767
• Flight1 ATR
• Default 747 and 172

What are you waiting for? Visit the FS2Crew online store to receive your 30% discount on this award winning software which will enhance your flight simulator experience even more!

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:
CEO - Chris Sutcliffe
Email: chris.sutcliffe[at]flyuk.aero
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