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Website Spring Clean - Changes & Updates

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Website Spring Clean - Changes & Updates

Over the past few days our web and systems development team have been busy making a number of changes and updates to the Fly UK website. Consider it a spring clean! We have put together a summary of the changes we have made for your information.

- Fly UK Today - A new page which shows statistics, flights, bookings and pireps for the current day. We have found this page very useful so far, we hope you will do so to. It can be found under the 'Operations' menu, or there is a link on the website sidebar.

- Sidebar - The website sidebar now has a 'Fly UK Today' box and link. It also has an image link to the FLY2 website, fewer partner images, a new SkyHigh Radio image (changes when radio is on or off air) and links to donate, join or contact Fly UK.

- Chart Links - We have added chart links to manifests. There is also a drop down box of charts on the 'Flight Planning' page.

- Scenery Links - We have added links to payware and freeware scenery on manifests, we will continue to update the database with more scenery links.

- Flight Planning page - Now uses a tabbed menu which includes route finder, weather, charts, NATS, NOTAMS and ops info PDFs all in one place!

- My Booked Flights page - We have had a tidy up on this page to display data more consistently. We have also added links to 'Cancel Attendance' and view 'Event Info' under the 'My Booked Events' section.

- FLY2 destination map has been fixed.

- Latest news scroller on homepage has been updated so it displays correctly for FireFox users.

- Crew Centre now has a drop down menu.

- We have added a new 'Resources' section to the main menu. The dropdown menu includes links to the pilot handbook, downloads and documents.

- The 'Flights' menu has been replaced with the 'Divisions' menu. We split Fly UK operations into three divisions. Mainstream (Scheduled, Regional, Charter, Cargo, Low Cost), Tours and Flying Club.

- Tours - The main tours page now uses a tabbed menu. Tour legs no longer have a specific aircraft assigned to them. We now assign a number of aircraft to the tour so pilots have a selection of aircraft for each leg.

As we post this press release, most changes are complete however please bear with us as there are one or two things still to finish. As always, if you experience any problems whilst using our website, please post them in the forum bug tracker and a member of the team will look into them as soon as possible.

At Fly UK your feedback is very important to us. We would be very grateful if you could spare a few moments to leave us some feedback and tell us what you think of the latest websites changes and updates - feedback topic.

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Web & Systems - Tom Thake
Email: tom.thake[at]flyuk.aero

CEO/Web & Systems - Chris Sutcliffe
Email: chris.sutcliffe[at]flyuk.aero
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