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Fly UK ATC Group Tour Sessions!


New events manager Sebastian Revell has recently launched a brand new event at Fly UK - Fly UK ATC Group tour sessions which are now held once a week (Wednesdays).


The main purposes of these sessions are to help pilots who are new to flying online under ATC control, to learn and develop their ATC skills. Experienced online ATC and pilots are also welcome to take part. The sessions are designed especially for new pilots, boasting a friendly atmosphere, lots of help and guidance is available! No matter how new you are to online flying, this is the place to start.


Every week, the group ATC session is held in a new location, it is structured as a tour, and details of the next leg/session and an event pack are posted in the events section of the website/Highflyer Forum every week prior to the event.


The sessions are held on our own multiplayer server, and ATC is provided by the Fly UK ATC team, a group of selected ATC controllers consisting of experienced controllers, and controllers in training.



If you are interested in finding out more about Fly UK ATC group tour sessions, then please read the PDF - http://www.flyukva.com/~flyukva_staff/depa...p_Tour_Info.pdf


All pilots are required to read this PDF before taking part in the event.


The next session is this evening, for info on tonights event please see here - http://www.flyukva.com/flyuk/index.php?pag...view&id=136


You can find out more information about these sessions and the people involved in the Fly UK ATC Group Tour Sessions blog here: http://www.tourgroup.blogspot.com/




For further information, please do not hesiate to contact us:


General Enquiries:

Email: general.enquiries@flyukva.com


Events Manager

Email: sebastian.revell@flyukva.com

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