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Fly UK Virtual Airways Community...
"Be Part Of It"

As a member of Fly UK you are not just a number to us, and you are not just a pilot. You are a member of the growing Fly UK community. We take community spirit and togetherness very seriously at Fly UK and believe when joining Fly UK, as well as an opportunity to begin or continue your virtual pilot career, it is also a chance to meet new people and make new friends who share your interests.

We have therefore implemented a number of features at Fly UK that helps the community stay together and lets pilots easily communicate with each other.


Find A Buddy System - Crew Centre Messages - Forums -Teamspeak - Gates.to

1.Find A Buddy System...

This system is designed to help you find members who live in the same country as yourself, allowing you to find pilots flying within your own time zone who you would perhaps like to contact, in order to fly onlin maybe? We realise that virtual flying alone although fun has its drawbacks, here at Fly UK we are not only a virtual airline, but a virtual communit, who's main goal is to bring like minded individuals together.


We currently have members from around 30 countries!

2.Crew Centre Messages...

With an easy to use drop down menu to select who you want to contact, this is the best and most effective way to make contact with a pilot at Fly UK. This message will go directly to the persons inbox and can be read via their crew page. Announcments and mass messages will also be sent to your crew page inbox, so keep a close eye on it at all times!

3.The HighFlyer Forums...

As a member of Fly UK we encourage you to use the forums. This way you can keep upto date with what is going on in your virtual airline. If you are new to the VA, then it is a great place to get started, why not introduce yourself and let others get to know you, it may be a bit daunting at first, but honestly, once you have gotten into the swing of things, you will never look back. If you have any problems at all, then the forums are a great place to find answers, and even to ask about them in the appropriate threads if you can't find an answer elsewhere.


We also run a monthly screenshot competition, the winner of which will receive a flight sim related prize, try your luck and enter today in the forums for a chance to win. Finally, you can always submit your own ideas to Fly UK as well. The management at Fly UK always welcome new and innovative ideas from members so that we can continue to make Fly UK one of the UK's leading virtual airlines.


Fly UK VA runs a 24/7 Teamspeak server, this not only allows members to chat to each other but it is also the basis for a number of other things. For example, the TS server is used for training sessions, a fundamental part of Fly UK, which allows our highly skilled training staff to share their vast knowledge with people who need help. There are a number of other events held on the TS server as well. Tours and events hosted on our own multiplayer server will be controlled from here, making your flight sim experience as real as it gets. Join today, don't delay, as we can't wait to hear from you!


The gateway to realism !


To make flight sim as real as it gets, we strongly reccommend the use of the gates.to software. Many of the training courses that Fly UK offer will make use of the gates.to software. What does this do? Well gates.to is a revolutionary program that allows more than one person to fly the same aircraft at the same time. Many of our members have registered to use gates.to, their website can be found here.

The way it works, is that two people fly the same aircraft, very much the same way a crew co-operate and fly a real world airliner. The picture below shows two images, the captain of the aircraft is sitting in Bradford and the first officer is sat in London, but both have can fly the aircraft!


As you can see, this really does make flight sim as real as it gets, so why not try it today, you will never look back if you fly with Fly UK VA.
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