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Peter Slater Releases Fly UK Boeing Aircraft for FS2004

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Peter Slater Releases Fly UK Boeing Aircraft for FS2004

Fly UK member and aircraft developer UKV1762 – Peter Slater has included Fly UK liveries in the latest release of his freeware Boeing 737/757/767 aircraft packages. Peter also offers Boeing 747/777 aircraft packages but these do not include the Fly UK livery at the moment.

Each Boeing aircraft package includes:

* A fully automated installation
* V Speed Readouts during takeoff
* Landing height callouts
* Crew Announcements
* TCAS with radar
* Professional Panel
* Professional sound sets (including all engine variants)

* Virtual Cockpit & Wing Views
* VATSIM compatible thanks to ServInfo gauge (easy to upgrade if needed)

* FS Inn & FS Co-pilot are also supported in all packages

* Added more professional looking check lists
* DTX3 textures for friendly frame rates
* 32 bit textures supported (view 'How do I ...?' link above)

Extra features (installed with the Update to version 3):

* Reverser Spray Effects (in rain or snow)
* Takeoff Spray Effects (in rain or snow)
* Engine Effects (heat haze shimmering and a slight engine smoke effect)

The aircraft can be downloaded from Peters web site at http://www.peterslater.co.nr

You will need to install the latest patches in order to install the Fly UK livieries. Full instructions and read me files can be found on Peters website and in the downloads.

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact:

Peter Slater
Website: http://www.peterslater.co.nr
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