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Fly UK Secures New Logistics Contract


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Fly UK, one of the UK's leading virtual airlines has today signed a new long-term contract to transport equipment and cars for the F1, WRC (Word Rally Car), and WTCC (World Touring Car) championships. This new area of our cargo operations which are currently been restructured will be known as Fly UK Motorsport Logistics.


We are delighted to announce that Fly UK Motor Sports Logistics will be responsible for operating cargo flights to transport cars and equipment to worldwide long-haul championship race destinations including Bahrain, Malaysia and Japan. There are also plans for passenger flights to European destinations for team staff and personnel.


All motorsport logistics flights will be 'Ad-Hoc' meaning they will only operate between certain dates, operational dates for ad-hoc flights will be communicated to our pilots via NOTAMs. Only pilots holding rank of Class C First Officer and above are able to these flights.

Fly UK are keen to expand the new motorsport logistics programme and will work to secure deals with other teams taking part in championship races such as World Superbikes and operate further similar flights in the future.


Dave Whitson, Operations Senior Manager commented:


‘This is going to be a very big operational challenge for all of us at Fly UK, but also a very enjoyable one. It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to work alongside these great championships and hope it is a long and successful partnership'.

It is anticipated that the first motorsport logistics ad-hoc flights will be available to fly from Thursday 8th March 2007.


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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Operations Department

Email: fixed.wing@flyukva.com

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