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Events Update and November Events


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Events Update & November Events

We have now released all events for November, full details can be found on the online events page of our website here.

We have the following events for the VATSIM and IVAO networks:

VATSIM - Sunday 8th Nov 09 - 19.00z - Remembrance Sunday - EGSS London Stansted to EDDK Cologne, Germany
VATSIM - Saturday 21st Nov 09 - 13.00z to 16.30z - The Snowdon Challenge - EGNR, EGOV and EGCK (full information here)
IVAO - Tuesday 17th Nov 09 - 19.00z - Ski Vienna - EGLL London Heathrow to LOWW Vienna, Austria

IVAO - Training Academy Early Morning Group Flights:
saturday 7th Nov 09 - 0700z - EGNM to EGJJ NAVIGATIONAL
Saturday 14th Nov 09 - 0700z - KATL ATLANTA to KMCO ORLANDO
Saturday 21th Nov 09 - 0700z - KBHM BIRMINGHAM to KIAH HOUSTON
Saturday 28th Nov 09 - 0700z - CYYC CALGARY to CYVR VANCOUVER

TA Training Academy Early Morning Group Flights - The A - Z of cities tour has now finished. Congratulations to all who managed to take part. Novemeber will see the start of the new tour which takes us to the USA and Canada. The events department has now put the final touches to the first few legs of the tour which is ready to go.

AVSIM scenery library - The avsim scenery library has been taken offline while there tech support team continues to sort out the problems casued after their servers were hacked back in May this year.
The following is an update from the avsim home page:
Yes, the library is offline. You may have noticed that we announced that it was back, but that was a temporary thing. Here's the deal... Yesterday we had to reboot our file library server. When it came back up, it conveniently forgot to bring the NAS disk system back with it. We have been struggling a little bit to get the NAS back, and we expect to have it online tomorrow. We are sorry for the interruption in service, of course, but the community needs to understand that we are still working out the bugs that carry over from the destruction of AVSIM in May. We will get there, but ask for your patience in the meantime.

So how does this affect us? Well this means until the library is brought back online it is possible that the Online Operations Department may not be able to locate any scenery for some of the events. We will try our best to provide you with links where possible, but we do ask that you bear with us. We will report back when the we have some more news for you so keep your eye on the forums.

End of British Summer Time - With the End of British Summer Time comes a small change to events. All event times will now be as follows:

IVAO/VATSIM: 1900 Zulu and Local UK time

Training Academy Early Morning Group Flights: 0700 Zulu and Local UK time

Event Suggestions - If you have a suggestion for a destination that you would like to see an event go to then please feel free to either contact me via email or post in the event suggestion post in the events forum located here. All members suggesting a destination will get credit for that event.

Remember to confirm you attendance for the events you would like to take part in as soon as possible. Bookings can be made via the normal events page here.

We look forward to flying with you this November at Fly UK Virtual Airways!

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Sebastian Revell - Online Events
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