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Another Busy Month @ Fly UK

UKV1212 - Adam Hillier

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february at a glance...

Last month was busy, and again this month we have been up till all hours working to bring you the New Operations. The New Ops were a little late getting released, but we got there in the end. And to make the work worthwhile, the initial reaction and comments have been encouraging. Amid the turmoil of getting the New Ops out, we have seen some familiar staff faces leave and some more new faces join us. Read on to find out whats been happening, in another busy month at Fly UK!




1. New Operations
2. Staff Changes
3. Online Pilots Handbook
4. Fleet Department
5. Events
6. Fly UK Community



The last month has been a very busy time for the guys in the operations department. On the 19th of February after many weeks of planning we launched the New Operations. With these new routes came the introduction of a new flight search system and the launch of the Air Belgium code share, which allows Fly UK pilots to fly some of Air Belgiums routes in aircraft such as the Airbus A318, A319, A320 and the Boeing 747-400 as well.

Within the New Operations are a number of new destinations including those to many European cities and cultural centers. We have also expanded the transatlantic routes from our main hub at London Heathrow. To new destinations such as San Francisco and Boston.

At the moment we have suspended all Fly UK Cargo operations so we can bring these into line with realistic schedules but this is proving a difficult task for the operations department at the moment, but we hope to have these all set up as soon as possible.


Senior Manager for Fly UKs Operations Department, David Whitson comments:

After a long time coming I am very, very pleased to see these operations in place. I feel that these new schedules have carried on Fly UKs progression to continue to be one of the UK's leading VA's as they have brought us into line with being a realistic airline.



There have been yet more changes within the staff team over the last month. February has seen Lee Appleby resign from Web and Systems, he will be missed however the good news is that he hasn't completely left Fly UK so we can still see him about on TS and on the forums. Luke Bowes and Conrad Oldcorn left the events department, due to real world commitments which meant that they could no longer help with the running of Fly UK. We wish all these people the best in life and thank them for all the hard work they have put into the running of Fly UK.

We have welcomed a few new members to the team also. Sebastian Revell has joined the Events department. Matt Lewis has joined Fixed Wing Ops and Chris Miley has joined us as a General Manager. Steve Miles has joined the marketing department of Fly UK as well recently. Welcome to all of these new staff team members, and we wish you a happy time at Fly UK.

However another sad departure, has recently occurred. Tim Chambers a long running staff member who held the position of Vice CEO is now having to step down from his position, again due to real life commitments. He has been a great staff member and has always put in 110% effort when it came to helping make Fly UK one of the the best VA's out there. May we wish Tim all the best and good luck for his AS level exams in the summer.

Again we wish those leaving us all the best in whatever they choose to do in life, and welcome those who have joined the team.

See yourself as a staff member at Fly UK ?

Be sure to regularly check the press release section on the website as updates will be posted as and when we need staff to help run one of the UKs premiere VAs.



Not only have we updated the pilot handbook, bringing it inline with our recent operational changes, but we have now also made it available online. This makes referring to the handbook easier for staff and pilots alike.

This online pilot handbook has been created to give pilots a complete guide to Fly UK regulations and policies in place. The content of our pilot handbook can be considered Conditions, Standard Operating Procedures, and Rules and Regulations, which are to be followed by members at all times.


We strongly recommend all pilots take the time to read this online handbook, it contains everything you need to know about Fly UK. Before you email/message any member of the staff team or post in our forums, its is very likely that someone in the past has already asked a similar question, we can guarantee that 99.9% of the time the answer to your question will already have being answered in this online handbook. Please take the time to read it. The pilot handbook can be found under the Careers section of the website, please do take the time to read it, as it will make you aware of things you may not have come across before.

Fly UK CEO Chris Sutcliffe comments:

"The online pilot handbook is a new, essential feature to all Fly UK members. We've organized and structured the most important information our pilots need, all in one place, so theres no need to be wondering or searching for where the answers to your questions might be. The rest of our website pages remain functional with tools and features, rather than been filled with information. I hope pilots take the time to read the new online pilot handbook, it is very important."



Hello, from the hangers.

Well, we have had a very productive few weeks here in the fleet department. We have launched the new Boeing 757-300 & Airbus A340-300 aircraft. Both aircraft are in the new look Union Spirit livery which has a much cleaner & modern look to it. Plus due to the new livery on these two aircraft we have now just completed changing the livery on the rest of the FS9 aircraft. These will be released in the next week.

Work still continues with the FSX aircraft, these will now be in the new livery as well and will be released as and when they are completed.

Ian Cumming Senior Manager of the Fleet Department comments; There have been a few meetings between the Operations department & ourselves and we are now looking forward to the release of some repaints for the cargo aircraft. More info on this as it becomes available.

Future fleet movements will be looked into to include the ordering of new aircraft as the need for them arises. There has also been talk of the Classic Aircraft Fleet; this will be looked into by the Fleet & Operations department. The idea of the classic fleet is to run an around the world tour in these old birds, so that we can get a feel as to what it was like to fly an airliner back in the days where only the most upto date airliners had an autopilot system.



This month in events has been well we could say eventful We lost both our events managers, Luke Bowes and Conrad Oldcorn, due to real life commitments and we wish them well for the future.

On the 24th of Feb 2007 we held an event on IVAO to promote our new operations with a flight from London Heathrow to Pisa. This event was very successful with lots of Fly UK pilots online for the event.

Sebastian is one of our new events managers and I would like to welcome him to the team. He is in charge of arranging our very popular ATC 'Conquer your Fear' nights on the Fly UK server and these are running very well. If any one is interested in taking part in this then please contact Sebastian or look at the events section on our website.

In events we are looking for some people who regularly participate in the Fly UK events to form an events report review team. If anybody is interested in this then please contact me at david.whitson@flyukva.com with your details.

One of the UKs leading Virtual Airlines. Like what you see ?
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At Fly UK we want to make all our members feel as welcome as possible. In response to this members are not just another number like in many VA's, here at Fly UK our members are a valued asset to the community, and always will be. It is upon the community that Fly UK thrives on that makes it one of the best VA's there are. We feel that in order to carry on making Fly UK a community based VA, it is necessary to offer members a wide variety of options and opportunities. Members of Fly UK are eligible for discounts for a number of flight sim products, including FSPassengers which was considered one of the best add-ons for FS9!

If you want to experience a VA with a difference, and also to take opportunity of these great discounts, then Fly UK is the VA for you!



24/7 Teamspeak and active forums, are just some of the features which make Fly UK VA a truly community based Virtual Airline. Join today and youll never look back...


For further information, why not visit us on the web:
Fly UK Virtual Airways: www.flyukva.com
FlyUno: www.flyuno.com

For general questions or enquiries, please send them to: CEO: chris.sutcliffe@flyukva.com
For marketing related enquiries, please send them to: marketing.department@flyukva.com
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