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Latest News & Updates for Members - February

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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We have had a great start to the year at Fly UK. Throughout January, the number of pireps filed per day has been nothing but extraordinary. We are getting at least 50 pireps per day and around 30-40 unique pilots flying each day.




Pilots flying online on IVAO and VATSIM have also increased and the accuracy and consistency of flight plans is excellent. It is interesting to see that our activity on VATSIM is now more or less equal to IVAO.


Well done to all our pilots! Please keep up the great work and we hope you continue to enjoy flying with Fly UK.



- Progress with Fly UK 2010 Master Plan


We are well on track with our 2010 plan which we posted earlier this month. On the staff team we certainly feel like we are making good progress, we hope you feel the same way.


The pilot roster clean up is now complete and our revised selection of training courses are now available. Training documents are also progressing well and we are releasing them as they are completed. The next documents due to be released are holding patterns and QNH and altimetry. In terms of software, the staff team will start testing our new flight logging software in the very near future.


We think we are well on track, but we value your opinion the most! What do you think about Fly UK? How do you want us to improve? We have created a topic in the forums for your valuable opinions. See: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/community-forums/...?showtopic=8488 Remember that without you, the pilots, we will have nothing to work for!



- Stay Active with Fly UK


Since cleaning up our pilot rosters and fixing our automated systems we have been keeping a close eye on statistics. We are stilling seeing many pilots move to inactive status. Even more disappointing is the number of pilots we have to delete every day due to inactivity. Remember the bare minimum is one flight per month, thats all.



- Staff Team Changes


There have been a couple of staff team changes at Fly UK over the past month.


We say goodbye to Anthony Sadler, who has been a member of the training academy for a number of months now. Anthony has made the decision to step down from the team so that he can concentrate on real world commitments and also on his education. We would like to thank Anthony for all of his work, and wish him all the best for the future!


Furthermore, we would like to welcome Conny Eklund back to the team. Conny was previously a member of the training academy a number of months ago, but due to real world commitments, he had to step down. Now that Conny has more time, he has elected to rejoin the training staff. We wish Conny all the best and look forward to working with him in this role.



- Website Updates


We have fixed all existing bugs on the website and made some other improvements.


We have improved our flight operations page (previously Fly UK today page), re-built our flight search and flight search results page, removed incorrect airport data from dispatch and airport ops info pages, fixed bugs with downloadable flight plans, improved flight dispatch pages and finally, we have changed all the times on the website to display in Zulu format.



- New Codeshare


Full information will be released in the next couple of days, but we can confirm our Operations team is currently in the process of finalising a codeshare agreement with an American based virtual airline.



- Revised Training Courses


We have tidied up the Training Academy page on our website. Our selection of one2one online training courses have been re-organised and split up into various new categories. We are also working on new written resource documents to complement our practical courses. We hope you find the improved page easier to browse and use.



- Ad-Hoc flights for Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics


We are pleased to announce that operations to Vancouver will commence from the 10th February with a 4x weekly service from London Heathrow. These flights are in connection with the upcoming Vancouver winter Olympics which start on Feb 12th until Feb 28th. The Vancouver service will continue until 3rd May.



- New Tours Released




We are pleased to announce that the following new tours have been released:


Class D - Caribbean Tour - Legs & Info Page

Class A - IVAO World Tour 2010 - Legs & Info Page

Class A - IVAO Long Haul Tour 2010 - Legs & Info Page


See: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/community-forums/...?showtopic=8448


Our operations team is currrently in the process of carrying out a review of tour operations. For more information please see NOTAM LIMA: Tours Review - http://www.flyuk.aero/en/forums/index.php?showtopic=8433



- 2010 Real World Events


We have now released our plans for real world events due to take place this year. So far we have confirmed events in Manchester in March and FSC Weston in May. Please check the link below for more details. We hope many of you are able to make some of the real world events this year, it would be great to meet you!


See: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/community-forums/...?showtopic=8507



- FS2004 & FSX Fleet Review


The FS2004 fleet review is complete, just one outstanding issue with the freeware A330 which we are looking into. The FSX fleet review is in progress, we are still working on repaints for default FSX aircraft and freeware packages for F-100, B747-400 and MD11F. We are also looking at more payware repaints for FSX. Repainting does take time and we rely heavily on one fleet repainter who has a a very busy real world life.


If you are able to paint our current union spirit livery onto FSX freeware/payware aircraft please contact the CEO/Vice CEO.



- February Events


There are plenty of online events for you to take part in this February at Fly UK. If you are able to attend any of the events, please confirm your attendance via the events page as soon as possible.


06th Feb - 0700z - Toulose to Innsbruck - IVAO Weekly Event - Event Info Page

07th Feb - 1800z - London to Connaught - VATSIM Europa Tour Event - Event Info Page

13th Feb - 0700z - Istanbul to Athens- IVAO Weekly Event - Event Info Page

14th Feb - 1400z - FSX Multiplayer Session - Flying Club Event - Event Info Page

16th Feb - 1900z - Geneva to Leeds - IVAO Monthly Event - Event Info Page

20th Feb - 0700z - Seville to Madeira- IVAO Weekly Event - Event Info Page

21st Feb - 1800z - Connaught to La Rochelle- VATSIM Europa Tour Event - Event Info Page

27th Feb - 0700z - Munich to Brussels- IVAO Weekly Event - Event Info Page


See: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/community-forums/...?showtopic=8541



- February Screenshot Competition


Congratultions to UKV1625 - Graham Hammill who was the winner of the first screenshot competition of 2010 with his winning shot 'Short Finals Heathrow'. Graham has won himself a UK2000 Xtreme scenery package. Well done!


The February screenshot is now open, this months theme is FLY2! So get into your shiny B737-700 and get snapping!


See: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/community-forums/...?showtopic=8544




Chris Sutcliffe - CEO



Adam Hillier - Vice CEO



On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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