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Vancouver Winter Olympics

UKV1212 - Adam Hillier

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Vancouver Winter Olympics


Fly UK are pleased to announce that from the 10th February we will be commencing new operations to Vancouver. The four times weekly services from London Heathrow are in connection with the upcoming Vancouver Winter Olympics which start on Feb 12th, running until Feb 28th. The Vancouver service will continue to run until 3rd May. Details of the planned flights can be found below:

FL096 Heathrow - Vancouver
Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun

FL984 Manchester - Vancouver via Calgary

FL542 Gatwick - Vancouver via Calgary

Any Fly UK pilot who completes a full rotation of these flights between the 12th and 28th February will be awarded the 'Fly UK Vancouver 2010' award. A full rotation is any of the outbound flights complete with a return leg to Heathrow.


Please also note, revisions to the following services as follows:

FL7784 Heathrow - Jeddah
FL7785 Jeddah - Heathrow

Both services have been reduced to a 3 times weekly service down from a 7 times weekly service. This will become effective as of Thu 11th Feb.

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Robert Allen - Head of Operations

Carl Chamberlain - Operations
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