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Empora Air Codeshare

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Empora Air Codeshare


Empora and Fly UK team up!

After two weeks of continuous negotiations, Empora and Fly UK have agreed to enter in a partnership involving a codeshare aimed at expanding the routes of the two airlines.

Paul Marcus, CEO at Empora Air and Robert Allen, Head of Operations at Fly UK believe this new codeshare agreement will benefit both airlines. The codeshare was formed with the aim of enabling pilots to have something different to fly from the day to day routes and aircraft of their respective airline.

Fly UK will be providing Empora with services to resort/holiday destinations in Europe. Paul Marcus had this to say, “The way Europeans travel is very different compared with Americans. Americans like to have the very best they can. They like things big. They go all out. Fly UK does not provide an all business class service like we do, but we know that domestic/inter Euro travel is different on the other side of the pond. When a loyal Empora customer would like to go skiing in Switzerland we are going to make sure he or she gets there in the most luxurious way possible. We trust the people of Fly UK to take care of our customers.” There will be ten flights including return flights the airline will operate for Empora.

Empora will open up Fly UK’s network to the best of America including destinations such as San Francisco and Miami. Fly UK will now have access to flights to some of the largest US cities. These flights will all be served on the Airbus 320 & Boeing 777. They were chosen because of both the destination appeal and the time they departed in correspondence with Fly UK flights arriving in JFK from the UK. Chris Sutcliffe, Fly UK CEO said “We at Fly UK are very pleased and excited about what the future holds with this new codeshare. It is particularly beneficial for our pilots because they will now have access to destinations from flights originating from the US which they never had before as well as a new aircraft type, the Boeing 777."

Both airlines will have the codeshare flights added to their systems, as well as a special page created on both websites giving details about the Codeshare and the relevant information and downloads. The codeshare will be run on a one month trial basis. At the end of the trial, Fly UK and Empora staff will meet and discuss if the contract shall be extended or discontinued.

Empora flights available to Fly UK pilots for booking can be found at http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=division_mainstream and by clicking on the Codeshare tab.

For more info please visit Empora at emporavirtual.com and/or Fly UK at flyuk.aero.


Empora’s main hub is New York’s John F Kennedy Airport. Empora offers a variety of routes out of its San Francisco hub as well as focus cities Miami and Denver. Empora operates Airbus 320, Airbus 330-200, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 777-200 Long Range, Boeing 767-200, Embrarer 170, and Dash 8-Q200 aircraft. The airline has a very unique and advanced Pilot Center as well as an ACARS system that Auto-files your flight into the system. Empora is also beta testing a new In-flight Entertainment system (IFE) that will be released soon. Empora has a devoted and friendly staff of experienced real-world and virtual pilots.

Fly UK, established in April 2004, is one of the UK's leading virtual airlines operating a varied fleet of 95 aircraft, from 8 UK bases to 143 worldwide destinations. Fly UK's primary base is London Heathrow and operations include scheduled, cargo, ad-hoc and low cost flights.

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For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Fly UK - Robert Allen - Head of Operations

Empora Air - Paul Marcus - CEO
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