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Latest News & Updates for Members - March

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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February has been another great month at Fly UK. Similar to January, we have been getting at least 50 pireps per day and around 30-40 unique pilots flying each day. The most pireps submitted in a single day in February was 116 on 14th February, Valentines day!




Well done to all our pilots! Please keep up the great work and we hope you continue to enjoy flying with Fly UK. Remember to avoid becoming inactive, all you need to do is fly at least once a month.



- Try something different this March at Fly UK


This month we are going to be focussing on the other sides of Fly UK to scheduled, standard services. We've already introduced our new codeshare with Empora, and we look forward to your codeshare shots in our screenshot competition! You can also expect some exciting news about our Ad-Hoc flight contract with the vRAF - more information below & to be revealed shortly!


So, why not try something new? Keep your eyes peeled all month for ways to vary your flights & explore new options!



- Screenshot Competition




Congratultions to UKV1625 - Graham Hammill who was the winner of the February screenshot competition with his winning shot 'Runway Lights'. Graham, who also won the January competition has won himself another UK2000 Xtreme scenery package. Well done!


To kick-start our focus on Ad-Hoc & Codeshare flights, this theme for the March screenshot competition is 'Codeshare and Ad-Hoc Flights.' For more information and to the enter the competition, please see the link below:





- Empora Air Codeshare




Empora and Fly UK team up! After two weeks of continuous negotiations, Empora and Fly UK have agreed to enter in a partnership involving a codeshare aimed at expanding the routes of the two airlines.


Empora will open up Fly UK's network to the best of America including destinations such as San Francisco and Miami. Fly UK will now have access to flights to some of the largest US cities. These flights will all be served on the Airbus 320 & Boeing 777. They were chosen because of both the destination appeal and the time they departed in correspondence with Fly UK flights arriving in JFK from the UK. Chris Sutcliffe, Fly UK CEO, said "We at Fly UK are very pleased and excited about what the future holds with this new codeshare. It is particularly beneficial for our pilots because they will now have access to destinations from flights originating from the US which they never had before as well as a new aircraft type, the Boeing 777."


Empora flights available to Fly UK pilots for booking can be found at http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=division_mainstream and by clicking on the Codeshare tab.



- vRAF Contract Flights




After talks with vRAF (The Virtual Royal Air Force), Fly UK are pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated a new contract for 2010.


The flights will be operated by our special Boeing 767-300 which has been modified to carry a maximum of 196 passengers and the remaining payload all cargo.


The aircraft will be making the following rotations:

Brize Norton > Ascension > Falklands > Ascension > Brize Norton

Brize Norton > Akrotiri > Hannover > Brize Norton

Brize Norton > Kuwait > Hannover > Brize Norton

Brize Norton > Belize > Brize Norton


Keep your eyes peeled for more information & booking details.



- Manchester Real World Event




Remember we have organised another one our popular social gatherings at "The Airport Hotel" at Manchester Airport on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of March. This real world event is open to anyone who wishes to come along; Fly UK members will be there from 10.30am on the Saturday and will be joined by members of IVAO UK and other IVAO based UK Virtual Airlines. We look forward to seeing you there!


To confirm your attendance or for further information please see: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=rw..._info&id=52



- NEW - Referral Award


We have noticed that an increasing number of people are saying they joined us as a result of a friend recommending us to them. We have decided that any member who recommends a friend to join Fly UK as a new pilot will receive a special award (pilot must join and remain a member for at least 15 days).


When recommending Fly UK to a friend, please ask them to specify your UKV pilot ID and full name in the 'Where did you hear about us?' section of our online application. A staff member will award you with the new referral award badge after the new pilot has remained active for at least 15 days. If they do not specify your pilot ID and full name in their application, you will not receive the award.


On behalf of the whole staff team I would like to thank all members who have and will continue to recommend Fly UK to their friends. This is one of the main reasons that our members database continues to grow each day!



- Training Sessions - Important Reminder


Our dedicated Training Academy is here to help you! Our instructors spend much of their spare time helping other Fly UK members to better their Flight Simulator experience. They often plan their spare time around training sessions with members, so it is very important to work with them and let them know as soon as possible if you are unable to make confirmed sessions.


Please read NOTAM QUEBEC: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/community-forums/...?showtopic=8755



- On-Going Projects


As well as the day to day running of Fly UK, the staff team are hard at work implementing the 2010 master plan. Work is continuing on our flight logging software and the alpha testing phase is progressing well. We are also making good progress with new training documents, you will notice more documents are being added to the resource doucments page every week. New repaints and updates to our fleet are taking much longer than anticipated, we are still looking for new repainters.



- Printable Manifests


We have recently introduced a print option to the computerised flight plans as suggested by UKV1566 - Steve Bishop in our community forums. This is a great example of how Fly UK is built around its members and you really can make a difference. We hope you find the new option useful.



- March Events


During March we have plenty of interesting events lined up for you. Please remember to confirm your attendance as soon as possible!


We have the Fly UK weekly events which take place on IVAO at 07.00z every Saturday. The VATSIM Europa - The Hidden Ports tour also continues, with legs III and IV running in March. We also have a flying club event and an IVAO evening event in partnership with Transavia Virtual.


Events are a chance to fly together and meet other members of the Fly UK community. We look forward to flying with you...


6th March - 0700z - La Corruna to Gibraltar - IVAO

7th March - 1800z - La Rochelle to Bremen - VATSIM

11th March - 1900z - Aberdeen to Dublin - IVAO

13th March - 0700z - Zagreb to Rome - IVAO

20th March - 0700z - Thessalonika to Larnaca - IVAO

21st March - 1400z - The Grand Canyon Run - Flying Club FSD Server

27th March - 0700z - Chiang Mai to Bangkok - IVAO

28th March - 1800z - Bremen to Pisa - VASTIM


For more information see our events index: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=online_flying_events



- Website Maintenance


We will be moving to a new server in the next few weeks. This is due to our current website being slow for many of our users and we have requested a new server which is an upgrade to what we have at the moment. Information will be posted on our website before we do this, but we will have to take the website down for a few hours whilst we change everything over.


After the server change, the website links will remain unchanged. Fly UK will still be at www.flyuk.aero



- Follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Group!




Drop us a quick tweet or follow us to get all the latest Fly UK news and developments - http://twitter.com/flyukva


Show your love for Fly UK, become a fan of us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8964353525&ref=ts

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