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VATSIM Operations Update


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VATSIM Operations Update

Fly UK Virtual Airways has been very busy over the last few months in the VATSIM Online Operations Department. We are happy to see an increase in the number of regular fliers on VATSIM every week, with a jump also in the number of VATSIM registered pilots flying with us (217 at last count). We are pleased to provide an update to pilots of all the latest occurences in the department to accomodate our growing pilot population.

Europa - The Hidden Ports
Europa has been an excellent success, boosting our regular monthly attendance from about 1 pilot per event to an average of about 5! There are now three legs to go, the next being on the 4th April. It also coincides with the anniversary of Fly UK's foundation, and as such has been deemed the VATSIM Fly UK Birthday flight. We hope to see you there!

Europa - Pisa to Billund - Leg V - Fly UK 6th Birthday Flight

The following pilots are in the running for awards for their participation in Europa:

UKV1342 - Mike Higgins - 4 legs
UKV1347 - Leslie Thelwell - 2 legs
UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe - 2 legs
UKV1131 - John Michalak - 2 legs
UKV1306 - Lewis Roberts - 2 legs
UKV1543 - Juan Berrio
UKV1174 - Jeffrey Shen
UKV1442 - Carl Daniel
UKV1314 - Phillip Irwin
UKV1333 - Sam Halpenny
UKV2054 - Spiro Katerelos
UKV1131 - Michael Male
UKV1217 - Leo Malagar

As a reminder, awards are presented to pilots who complete 2, 4, and 6 flights. For those who have not yet begun, this would be a great opportunity to join in to perhaps grab the 2 flights award.

Vroute Community
We are happy to announce that out Vroute Community has grown to nearly 70 pilots, rivalling several of the larger airlines in the VATSIM world. Usually, there is at least one pilot flying at any one time, which is greatly boosting our reputation. Thanks to those flying our flag online! If you have not yet encountered the delights of Vroute, visit the program website.

We are pleased to have entered partnership with VATeir, the Irish Division of VATSIM. Ireland has always been a regular destination for our events and we are honoured to have received this acknowledgement. We are also currently partnered with VATSIM Global, and VATSIM-UK.

Event Suggestions and Calendar
An event suggestions topic has been created in the VATSIM sub-forum. With the increased traffic levels at our events, it is time pilots got a greater say in the events. The pilots who contribute ideas to the event will be named in each event description. Regular contributors may even receive a Spirit of Fly UK award. You can also check up on the planned dates for future events here, as well as what is being planned.

Regular ATC Services
We also have a regular ATC Services topic in our sub-forum. If you are ever in need of ATC, check there for some permanent regular events on the VATSIM network. If you know of a popular event, feel free to post there and we will check up on it.

VATSIM Getting Started Guide
For those who are unaware, the VATSIM Getting Started Guide has been updated to include a wealth of information. Check back if you are trying to fix a problem and you might find the solution. The Online Flying Guidelines, the "Bible" for Fly UK online fliers, is available from two locations: Section 6.17 of the Pilot Handbook, or as a downloadable PDF at this address.

Happy Easter!

--- ENDS ---

Wygene Chong - VATSIM Online Operations

Tom Hurrell - Marketing and Communications
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