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Fly UK Management Vacancy


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Management Vacancy

VATSIM Online Operations Manager

Working with Fly UK

When you join the Fly UK staff team, you'll soon discover that running a virtual airline is more complex and detailed than you may of originally thought, involving an enormous amount of planning and hard work.

Therefore, in order to make the operation run smoothly, effectively and efficiently we have to ensure we have the very best people as part of our team. It doesn't matter which department you join or role you take - as a Fly UK staff member you are critical to ensuring our long term success.

It is essential that you understand that although flight simming is a hobby, when you become a staff member, you would need to spend a greater amount of time working to run Fly UK Virtual Airways, providing a free service that is second-to-none. As a staff member you will be expected to show commitment, dedication and enthusiasm in order to keep Fly UK a professional virtual airline.

But working with us behind the scenes is not boring, the staff team is full of funny characters and is full of diverse personalities, so each "meeting" is bound to be full of laughter...although we do always get something productive out of the meetings and working in coordination with each other.

Please note the following general points about working with Fly UK:

* As a staff member, you are required to assist the rest of the staff in helping members with general enquiries as well as specific enquiries, related to your role, received in our staff inbox, forums, your personal inbox or on the Teamspeak server.
* You will also be expected to attend our weekly management meetings (Sunday at 7.30BST), provide a staff profile which must be kept up to date and include a staff photo as well as show enthusiasm and dedication.
* As per the Fly UK Virtual Airways Equal Opportunities Policy, we welcome anyone to apply for a position, and although no past experience is always necessary, it will of course be of benefit to the applicant. We do ask that you only apply if you are completely serious about the staff position and are ready to join in!
* NB: Some applicants may be asked to have an informal interview with relevant staff before being offered a management position.
* Full training regarding Fly UK systems and procedures will be provided.
* All applicants should receive an auto-reply via email to confirm receipt of your application. Should you not receive this, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.


Position: VATSIM Online Operations Manager
Closing Date: Friday 30th April 2010 23:59Z

In this position, you will work with the Head of VATSIM Online Operations in fields such as pilot monitoring, event organisation and liasing with various divisional managers in the VATSIM world. As such, a high degree of professionalism is required, especially when dealing with other event managers and the general public. Good literary skills are also expected, as there is an element of writing in the position. The ideal applicant would be:

* An experienced pilot on VATSIM, having flown a minimum of 25 hours (not necessarily for Fly UK)
* An air traffic controller on VATSIM with sufficient rank to control GND, preferably TWR (training will be provided if necessary)
* Willing to attend at least one Fly UK event every two months on VATSIM
* Willing to assist new pilots into the world of online flying
* Willing to give ideas to the team and help keep in touch with the Fly UK VATSIM Community

To apply for this position, or to ask any further questions:

Send an email application to - staff.recruitment[at]flyuk.aero

Please include your name, UKV number (if applicable), age, location, why you wish to apply for this position and any previous experience.

Please note that the aforementioned list pertains to the ideal candidate. If you believe you fulfill at least two of the requirements (or have exceptional circumstances), then by all means send in your application.

--- ENDS ---
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chris Sutcliffe - CEO

Wygene Chong - VATSIM Online Operations

Tom Hurrell - Marketing & Communications
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