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Open Meeting & Social Evening


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Fly UK Open Meeting & Social Evening

Date: 6th June 2010 | Time: 1830z (1930 BST) | Location: Fly UK TeamSpeak Server


The Fly UK Open Meeting & Social Evening is an opportunity for staff to have their usual Sunday meeting, with members being able to listen in to the meeting. We hope this will give members an interesting insight into how their VA is run. Once the meeting is complete, members will then have the chance to offer feedback, comments, suggestions & ideas for the short-term and long-term development for Fly UK.

Staff Meeting | 1830z/1930BST - 1930z/2030BST

The Fly UK Staff Meeting will take place as usual, but will have a twist; members will be able to sit in on the meeting and hear what is going on on the 'staff side' of Fly UK. Members who do wish to join the staff for the meeting will be asked to remain silent (mic's muted) until the end of the meeting, when you will have a chance to ask any questions and give feedback to the staff team regarding any points brought up in the meeting. This meeting will be limited to 1 hour.

Member Question & Answer Session | 1930z/2030BST Onwards

In this section, members are able to ask questions regarding Fly UK, to the staff team, as well as to offer any ideas for long-term development or improvement that they may have. Minutes will be taken from this meeting and a brief summary will be posted for all members to view, this ensures those unable to make the meeting can still have their questions answered.

Ideally, we ask any members with questions to email them to us beforehand so that we can ensure we have an adequate answer. Please email questions to: human.resources[at]flyuk.aero with the subject of Social Evening Question before Sunday 6th June.

We will firstly answer these pre-emailed questions, then there will be an opportunity for any other questions on the night. This will be ordered and we will answer each question one at a time to ensure clarity.

After this section, we will formally close the meeting and stop taking minutes. At this point we welcome everybody to stay around to have a general chat with each other, staff & members a like. Feel free to chat about Fly UK, or just share a joke! At this point in the evening, some members often chose to do a group flight on one of the online networks - we encourage this as it's a great opportunity to get together with everybody.

We hope to see you there!


Tom Hurrell - Marketing

Chris Sutcliffe - CEO
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