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Latest News & Updates for Members - June

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Dear Members,


Once again we have had another successful month of operations at Fly UK. During May, we received 2234 pireps with the busiest day been Saturday 15th May where we recieved 97 pireps. Online flying activity continues to increase and we have had a steady stream of new pilots.




The staff team have been very busy over the last few weeks so this months update is fairly lengthy but is packed full of news, events and details of new features which we hope you will enjoy. Fly UK has always been based around 'you' the virtual pilot. Without you, there would be no Fly UK. We are committed to bringing you the very best virtual airline experience. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you continue to enjoy flying UKV!



- Open Meeting & Social Evening - Sunday 06th June - 18.30z




The Fly UK Open Meeting & Social Evening is an opportunity for staff to have their usual Sunday meeting, with members being able to listen in to the meeting. We hope this will give members an interesting insight into how their VA is run. Once the meeting is complete, members will then have the chance to offer feedback, comments, suggestions & ideas for the short-term and long-term development for Fly UK.


The meeting will be held on the Fly UK TeamSpeak server. Details on joining can be found here:



Staff Meeting | 1830z/1930BST - 1930z/2030BST

Member Question & Answer Session | 1930z/2030BST Onwards


We ask any members with questions to email them to us beforehand so that we can ensure we have an adequate answer. Please email questions to: human.resources[at]flyuk.aero with the subject of Social Evening Question before Sunday 6th June.


We hope to see you there!



- World Cup 2010 - South Africa




To meet the demand for the extra passenger transportation, Fly UK is introducing daily scheduled flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town from the 1st June. These daily flights will replace our current flights, which only operate every other day, until the 13th July, when we will return to our previous schedule.


Pilots who fly a return flight to Cape Town and/or Johannesburg during this period will be awarded a limited edition World Cup 2010 badge! For full details please visit our Press Release:



The award will also be issued to pilots who complete our special long haul VATSIM event, departing on Sunday 13th June at 07:30z. Please visit the event information page for full details and to confirm your attendance:




- Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK200 Scenery


Congratulations to UKV1625 - Graham Hammill who was the winner of the May screenshot competition with his winning shot 'Evening Departure Rhodes'. Graham won himself a UK2000 Xtreme scenery package. Well done!


The theme for the June screenshot competition will be announced in the forum very soon. We look forward to receiving your entries.



- June Online Events - IVAO & VATSIM




This June we've got plenty of online events planned as always. It'd be good to see lots of pilots joining us and flying the flag for Fly UK! Please remember to confirm your attendance.


- 05th Jun 2010 - IVAO Weekly Event - Malaga to Mahon, Menorca

- 06th June 2010 - VATSIM - Mid Summer Madness IV - Morning Flight

- 10th June - IVAO Monthly Event - London Heathrow to Amsterdam

- 12th Jun 2010 - IVAO Weekly Event - Budapest to Genoa

- 13th June 2010 - VATSIM World Cup 2010 - Whole Day Event

- 19th Jun 2010 - IVAO Weekly Event - Liverpool to Hamburg

- 20th June 2010 - VATSIM New Pilots Day

- 26th Jun 2010 - IVAO Weekly Event - Melbourne to Sydney


There will also be a flying club FSX multiplayer session flying around the Bermuda Triangle towards the end of June. A confirmed date and time for this event will be posted on the flying club page of our website soon.


Events are a chance to fly together and meet other members of the Fly UK community. We look forward to flying with you...


For more information on June's online events, please see:




- Website Updates


We have made a number of small additions to our website to add extra features for our pilots!


- Airport errata tab added to Planning & Ops Info page


This page displays unusual data regarding changes to airfields such as runway configurations. This data will also be displayed on the relevant flight dispatch pages.


- Other Links tab added to Other Downloads page


This page provides links to many external websites (non-Fly UK) for software & free downloads to enhance your flight simulation experience.


- Getting Started Page


Our Getting Started Page has had a face-lift! We have added new information, improved the layout and usability of this page. We hope new members find it useful & informative in guiding them to the right place to continue their time at Fly UK.


- Inspiration section added to Flight Search page


Underneath the Flight Search box, you can now find some constantly changing suggestions for new flight ideas to try based on your current trends!





- Training Academy System Revamped!


A big thanks to Jeffrey Shen who has recently refurbished our Training Academy System. There are a few new rules which pilots need to be aware of. The system has been re-designed in order to help us give a better service to our pilots.


New Rules:

- Pilots will not be able to book/request more than 1 training session at a time. This is to ensure a fair distribution of our instructors time.

- Pilots MUST confirm their session no less than 24 hours before that session. If you do not confirm, the system will automatically delete your request.


New Features:

- When selecting times for training, you will now be prompted to make 3 choices of time/dates when booking the sessions. Please note that they indicate the starting time. The sessions usually take at least an hour and may last longer depending on the course requested and the amount of prior knowledge the pilot has.

- There is a new messaging system for every training booking. This is seen directly under each booking on the "Your Training" page within the Training Academy. If you wish to send any message to your instructor, please use this facility. To send messages, there is a link below the messages box to do so.


Other Info:

- Please note that it is the pilot's responsibility to check whether or not they have received any messages from the Training Academy. When booking any training course, please make sure your e-mail address under your "My Controls" page is up to date. The system will send out e-mail notifications so it is crucial that you keep your information up to date.

- It is also highly recommended that pilots keep an eye on the "Your Training" page under the Training Academy as it will show the latest status of all training sessions. Regardless of what messages are sent by the system, that page is definitive as to what the latest status of your training session is.



- Pilot Handbook & SOP Updated


We have recently updated our pilot handbook and added Standard Operating Procedures. We would like to ask that you take the time to give the updated pilot handbook and standard operating procedures a good read through. It contains essential information on membership issues alongside operational procedures and information. The new handbook can be found here:




- Staff Team Changes


We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Adam Hillier, who has recently decided to step down from the Vice CEO position. Adam has offered huge amounts of his time over many years to help Fly UK build and move forward, and we are therefore lucky that we will be keeping Adam and his real world experience at Fly UK as he takes up the role of Training Coordinator. In this capacity Adam will assist with many aspects of the Training Academy, from creating accurate documents to helping develop training programmes alongside our Training Instructors.


The Vice CEO position will remain empty for a short while and will currently be filled by the CEO. An announcement will be made shortly regarding this matter.



- New Training Documents


The staff team at Fly UK have been working round the clock to bring you several new Training documents. These documents include Fuel & Payload information, Transponder & Squawk Codes, Procedural Approaches, Getting Started, Teamviewer & VFR Flying Guide (to be released shortly). We hope you find these a useful addition to our practical training courses. The documents can be found under the different sections on the Training Academy page here:




- Real World Event - FSC 2010 Weston-Super-Mare


Fly UK were pleased to have several staff members attend this event, and it was a good experience. Thanks to those members who supported us by attending the exhibition, saying hello to us, flying online and joining in! We hope all the visitors enjoyed it as much as us.


We certainly hope to be able to visit many future shows in the same way, hopefully with our own stand. Keep an eye out on in the Real World Events forum & website for further details - we're always open to suggestions too!



- Operations Update


We hope you are enjoying our new summer schedules! If you haven't seen them yet, please visit the press release here:



We value feedback from all our members and welcome any comments or suggestions relating to the Summer Operations 2010 here:



Furthermore our operations team are always open to suggestions and feedback on our whole route network. Whilst we cannot fly to everybody's local airport, we are receptive to ideas and can sometimes work to build these into future developments. Please channel any input on our route network here:




- In-Flight Entertainment Updated for June




We are pleased to announce that our selection of in-flight entertainment has been updated and will be once again updated on a monthly basis from now. From Top Gear to Family Guy to brand new music videos, there is always something for everyone onboard Fly UK!


We have also added a new feature, the You Tube XL player. With the YouTube XL player you're in total control! You can search & view all YouTube videos including the latest TV Shows from Channel 4, BBC & Five! Fly UK In-Flight Entertainment can be accessed via the Fly UK In-Flight Services (IFS) kneeboard. For more information please visit the in-flight services page here:




- FLY2 B737-700 submitted to IVAO MTL


We have submitted the latest version of the FLY2 livery to IVAO to be included in the next MTL cycle release. When IVAO have processed the current cycle, it will be released to members to download via the usual MTL installer. We hope you enjoy this addition, allowing you to see the FLY2 aircraft in their full glory when on IVAO!



- Fly UK feature on SkyBlue Radio VA View




Fly UK are proud to announce we featured on SkyBlue Radio's VA-View show recently. The feature can be listened to on our news & media page here:



We hope this will help spread the word about Fly UK!



- Other Projects - Software & Fleet


We are making excellent progress with our new flight recording software. We would like to thank UKV1273 - Chris Spencer who has spent many hours developing this sofware for Fly UK. We hope to be able to release the software to members very soon. The software will replace the need for manual website pireps and will instead record all your pirep data automatically and send it to Fly UK.


Work on new aircraft repaints is still on-going. We know the lack of new repaints is frustrating for members. When we get the software project out of the way we will focus all our attention on getting new repaints sorted. Our repaint to do list includes the default FSX B737-800 and B747-400 as well as repaints for payware aircraft including the Wilco EMB-170, A320 and the PMDG MD-11F. We also plan to update our IVAO and VATSIM MTL models.


Thank you for taking the time to read this update. Happy Flying!




Chris Sutcliffe - CEO



On behalf of the Fly UK Staff Team

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