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Skyways Summer Edition > We want YOUR help!

We are currently writing our Summer edition of Skyways Magazine.

We'd like to include lots of input from our members, because after all it's the Fly UK Community magazine and to that extent we'd like to invite everybody to contribute!

So - what can you do to contribute? Members are free to submit material at any time during the year and we'll include it in the next edition! Here are some simple ideas of what we'd love to receive:

- Letters to the editor (feedback, ideas, questions or suggestions)
- Help/Assistance (send us a technical question and we'll try to answer it in the next edition)
- Testimonials (if you'd like to write about your time at Fly UK, we'd be happy to listen!)
- Letters to management (send us any comments about Fly UK & it's general development and we'll be happy to answer them!)
- Flight Reports (Do you have an interesting report about your last flight? Why not write about it, add some pictures and send it over!)
- Reviews (What was your latest FS addon? A must buy or a waste of money? Let us know!)
- Hardware tips (Any budding cockpit builders? We'd be happy to hear about your experiences!)

Don't worry if you haven't submitted before, we're happy to hear from all members whether you have 10 or 1000 hours! If you have anything to say that doesn't fit into the above descriptions please feel free to send it anyway.

Please email all submissions, and any questions you may have to:


We look forward to hearing from you!


Tom Hurrell - Head of Marketing & Communications
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