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Fly UK at Sherburn Aero Club

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Fly UK at Sherburn Aero Club


Fly UK encourages members to attend the Sherburn Aero Club Flight Sim User Group (FSUG) meetings held at the club on the first Saturday of every month.

We would like to thank the following members who are regular attendees at Sherburn Aero Club and have today been awarded the real world events badge. Thank you for representing and promoting Fly UK!

UKV1142 - Ken Hall
UKV1240 - John Brown
UKV2037 - Alwyn Boulby
UKV1917 - Steven Ballance
UKV1704 - John Metcalfe
UKV1160 - Stephen Emery
UKV1383 - Adrian Pheasey
UKV1732 - Edward Sawyer
UKV1615 - Mark Fitzgerald


About the Sherburn Aero Club Flight Simulator User Group:

The events are open to anyone, Fly UK members are joined by members of Sherburn Aero Club which include GA pilots, commercial pilots and other flight sim enthusiasts.

People are encouraged to bring their full flight sim setups on the day, although this is not compulsory. The events offer people the ability to share technical help/advice about running and configuring flight sim as well as sharing recommendations of which add-ons to install. They provide an opportunity for you to ask any flight sim related questions you may have. Pilots of the aero club also donate their out of date flying charts to members of the group and if you're lucky one of them might take you on a flight if they have space!

More information on the Sherburn Aero Club FSUG can be found on their website: http://sherburnaeroclub.website.orange.co.uk

Directions on how to get to Sherburn Aero Club can be found on the clubs official website: http://www.sherburnaeroclub.com


Chris Sutcliffe - CEO
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