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Open Meeting > Minutes & Feedback


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Open Meeting > Minutes & Feedback

Dear Members,

We'd like to offer a big thank you to all those of you who attended the Open Meeting on the 6th June. We found it useful to receive feedback & input from our members, and we also hope it provided an interesting insight into how Fly UK is run!

For those members who were unable to attend, below is a summary of the topics discussed in the Members Q&A section of the meeting. If you have any further comments or questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly! (http://www.flyuk.aero/en/index.php?page=contact_us)

UKV1917 - Steven Ballance

1) Steven asked some details about the arrangement of rooms for the Flying Club on TeamSpeak. We have now removed one of the surplus rooms, and Trevor Darley (Flying Club Manager) explained that we preferred to only have one room so that everybody could join in together as opposed to separating out.

2) Steven asked why Flying Club events aren't done on IVAO/VATSIM at this moment. Trevor explained that we currently held the Flying Club events on the FSX Multiplayer server because it was extremely simple for pilots to connect to. We acknowledged that this means the events aren't open to those on FS9 & we are looking at other options for these events. Furthermore we discussed that whilst we currently don't fly the event flights on IVAO/VATSIM in order to keep the flights informal/without ATC, we will certainly be looking at this in the future as the Flying Club expands.

3) Chris Sutcliffe (CEO) explained that, in general, we will be shifting more focus onto the Flying Club this year & aiming to grow it's operations in a number of ways. We'll be looking at some online events, furthering the training resources, and adding a Flying Club roster amongst other ideas.

4) Steven also asked about some "round-robin" or "multi-leg" style flights. These actually already exist, and Carl Chamberlain (Operations) informed that we will be released a PR within the next fortnight detailing a number of more "unusual" options (not just A>B) flights that we already have for pilots.

UKV1390 - Pete Gill

Pete raised the subject of retroliners/vintage aircraft at Fly UK. A number of members & staff joined in this discussion to try and establish the general opinion & think of practical ways to incorporate this idea into Fly UK. It was suggested that whilst it would be unrealistic & impractical to add vintage aircraft to our mainstream flight, the idea of a Vintage/Retro-liner tour was attractive. We discussed the two different options of a) having a retro-liner livery for our modern fleet and b ) having a number of vintage aircraft in an older looking livery for pilots to fly on special flights. In general it seemed that option b was more popular. The staff will discuss this and decide what action to take.

UKV1154 - Tim Brownson

1) Tim asked about the Fly UK Flight Logging Software that is in development. Chris Sutcliffe (CEO) explained that we would be Beta-Testing the software within the next week or so, and providing there are no errors found, we are aiming to release this basic edition of our software to members in July. Chris explained that this first release was basic & made to simply record and submit the flights. In the future we will be developing this further to add increased functionality.

2) Tim raised the subject of Fuel & Payload calculations on our Flight Manifests. This is a very valid question that we have often thought about before. Adam Hillier (Training Coordinator & real world pilot) explained that the fundamental problem with providing fuel figures for our pilots is that there are many factors that we cannot calculate such as: Wind, Cruising Level, Burn-Rate Variation in different models of AC & different routings. We discussed possibly suggesting a basic Fuel Burn Rate for each aircraft and providing resources encouraging pilots to do their own fuel planning. It was decided that whilst the staff team discuss the best way to proceed with fuel calculations, we will add fuel planning resources to our website.

3) Tim suggested it would be beneficial to have a method for pilots to get in touch with other pilots wishing to use software to share cockpits. We all agreed this was a sensible idea that we will aim to incorporate into our new website. In the meantime it was suggested the Community Forums were a sensible place to make such arrangements for now.

UKV1426 - Joseph Wailes

1) Joseph asked whether Flying Club PIREPS keep your account active. It was clarified that currently they do not - however all the staff & members agreed this should be the case. We will investigate how to achieve this using our current website & systems and will make an appropriate announcement once this has been introduced.

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Chris Sutcliffe - CEO

Tom Hurrell - Marketing
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