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Northern Skies - Come fly with us!


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Fly UK Virtual Airways is proud to present our newest events tour - Northern Skies. This tour will encompass most of Northern Europe, visiting thirteen airports in eight different countries over the course of five months. With the schedule offering up to three events per month, the aim of this tour is to strengthen our rapidly growing VATSIM community and build new friendships with new pilots.

Those who remember back to past years will recall how we only had one event per month, attended usually by one pilot, who was usually a member of staff. Then came Europa, our first VATSIM tour which did wonders, transforming our programme into a busy three per month, currently having an average attendance rate of 3.5 pilots. We aim to push that average up just a little higher with this tour, setting new records, making new friends, sharing our love of flying with everyone in our 200-strong pilot community.

So on to the tour details. The official version of the tour as of current is published below:

Scheduling and Flight Details
(M) >> Morning Flight | (E) >> Evening Flight

Morning Flights will depart at 09:30z
Evening Flights will depart at 17:00z

Sun 1st Aug (M) - Manchester (EGCC) to Edinburgh (EGPH)
Fri 13th Aug (E) - Edinburgh (EGPH) to East Midlands (EGNX)
Fri 27th Aug (E) - East Midlands (EGNX) to Dublin (EIDW)

Fri 4th Sep (E) - Dublin (EIDW) to Belfast (EGAA)
Sun 20th Sep (M) - Belfast (EGAA) to Reykjavik (BIRK)
Sun 27th Sep (E) - Reykjavik (BIRK) to Oslo (ENGM)

Fri 1st Oct (E) - Oslo (ENGM) to Stockholm (ESSA)
Sun 17th Oct (M) - Stockholm (ESSA) to Helsinki (EFHK)
Fri 29th Oct (E) - Helsinki (EFHK) to Copenhagen (EKCH)

Fri 12th Nov (E) - Copenhagen (EKCH) to Amsterdam (EHAM)
Sun 28th Nov (M) - Amsterdam (EHAM) to Birmingham (EGBB)

Sun 26th Dec (M + E) - Birmingham (EGBB) to London Heathrow (EGLL)

As you can see, we have 12 flights scheduled on Sundays and Fridays, and varying from mornings to evenings. This is to allow as many people to participate as possible, whether you're free on weekends or not, or whether you live in Australia, England, America or any other part of the world - we want to cater for all. Everyone has a chance of getting at least one award. And these awards are as follows:


Northern Gold - For completion of 9 flights

Northern Silver - For completion of 6 flights

Northern Bronze - For completion of 3 flights

In the event that a pilot completes all 12 flights, they shall be awarded both Northern Gold and the Spirit of Fly UK.

Thus we hope to see you on the tour. With so much variety, so many controllers to meet, friends to make and places to see, this is your chance to help Fly UK make history and also help strengthen our VATSIM community.

--- ENDS ---

Wygene Chong - VATSIM Online Operations

Stuart McIntyre - VATSIM Online Operations
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