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IVAO UK Online Week - Get involved with Fly UK!


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IVAO UK Online Week



Fly UK is very pleased to promote the IVAO UK online week!

IVAO UK aim to have the airspace lit up with full control every evening from Monday 19th July until Sunday 25th July, between 1700Z and 2100Z. This is a perfect opportunity to experience the delights of the IVAO United Kingdom Division. Don't miss it!

The aim of the IVAO UK division is to be one of the most active divisions online on the IVAO network. IVAO UK want people to look at the UK and think that during peak times, there is always ATC online and it is a place they love to fly to.

Get involved!

Naturally we want to fill UK airspace with Fly UK flights during the online week. We're counting on your support! We will record the number of flights that each Fly UK pilot flies in UK airspace, during the week. The record will be published here throughout the week: http://www.flyuk.aero/en/community-forums/...?showtopic=9709

At the end of the week, we will issue the Spirit Of Fly UK Award for the top 3 most active pilots during the IVAO UK online week!

Spirit Of Fly UK
"Awarded to pilots who deserve special merit for something they have done."

Points to note:

- Flights will be only be counted if you fly in, or out (or within) UK Airspace during the times 17z-21z on the 19th-25th July 2010.

- Each flight in UK airspace counts for 1 point, regardless of length or destination/departure.

- We encourage lots of UK domestic hops to score maximum points in the shortest time.

- Points will be totaled on Sunday evening and the awards given.

Remember to pop on Teamspeak before and after your flight to say hello and speak to your fellow Fly UK members who maybe getting prepared for their flights. If you're new to Teamspeak, find out more information on our Teamspeak information page.

Happy Flying!

--- ENDS ---

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

IVAO Online Operations
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