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New Training Academy Courses

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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New Training Academy Courses

We have recently added two new courses to our Training Academy system.

- FSX Multiplayer Assistance

This course is to help people configure FSX and the various service packs in order to successfully connect to an FSX multiplayer session.

The Flying Club use FSX Multiplayer for events. We know at the last event there were a few members who had connection problems and unfortunately there wasn't enough time to help everyone without delaying the event. We hope that by adding this course, members will be able to ensure they have everything setup correctly in advance and will therefore not have any problems connecting to the next Flying Club event on 20th August!

- Starting Cold & Dark - Fly UK Freeware Aircraft

This course is to introduce new flight simmers to starting their aircraft from cold & dark. This course has been added in light of the new flight tracking and recording software which we will be introducing shortly which require engines to be shutdown and parking brakes on in order to start recording.

Courses can be booking using the Training Academy system as normal.


Trevor Darley - Flying Club

Derek Butterworth - Training Academy
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