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latest News and Update for Member - May 2019

UKV1197 - Derek Butterworth

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Dear Members,

The birthday party continues with another weekend of Fly Any Aircraft on any of our routes to complete these celebrations in the first weekend of May. A meet up at Manchester Airport viewing park is also set for the same weekend.

Last month's activity at Fly UK had an average of 314 unique pilots per week filing a PIREP in April. We received 2,091 Mainstream PIREPs, 1,004 Tour PIREPs and 658 Flying Club PIREPs. Membership numbers currently stand at 961


UKV1429 Stefano Biasiotti joins the online event team as our Assistant Online Event Manager, he is currently working on some new event ideas.

Members News

It is with sad news that we have to report the loss of John Littleford who passed away during April. His wife reports that he always enjoyed his time  flying with Fly UK, well he now has gained his silver wings. R.I.P.

Skyways Magazine
The latest edition of the Skyways magazine has been released. The winner of the Aviator's Corner quiz for this edition is UKV2985 Chris Terrio who has won 30Eur to spend at Simmarket.com. Well done Chris, congratulations.  There will also be a Special Birthday/Anniversary edition released to follow in the next weeks - please look out for it


Some noteworthy ops changes as we enter May, Fly 2 switches to summer schedules at midnight 1st May as does Nordic and Aurora. Aurora enters phase two with additional routes and airframes.

Aurora is the only fleet change for May, info to follow.

A comprehensive checklist for the Dash 8 Q400 with FS2Crew support has been added to the Fleet Centre and may be found here. Our thanks to UKV1701 Jonas Lundborg for creating the original document.

Flying Club

A new Ad-Hoc small tour has been added to match the Featured destination South Pacific Islands

This month, our Wednesday Flying Club flights, held on the FSD Server, will be a mixed collection. 

Wed 01 May 2019 at 1800z   Portugal North

Wed 08 May 2019 at 1800z  Alaska Songlo To McGrath

Wed 15 May  2019 at 1800z  Alaska Herendeen Bay to Nelson Lagoon    

Wed 22 May 2019 at 1800z   Dangerous Airports -Juancho E. Yrausquin

Wed 29 May  2019 at 1800z   Welsh Wandering 

Please visit our Flying club page for more information and flight plans and to register your attendance.

Online Events

Events are currently held on the FSD server on Saturday at 0600z and repeated on VATSIM, Tuesday at 1830z and Thursday at 1300z. 

Remember, online events have no rank restrictions so it's a chance to fly different airframes.

Our IVAO event is on a weekly basis on Sundays at 1230z and is the return journey from the Saturday event.  Please see the Event Calendar.


Week 1 Vancouver to  Juneau
Week 2 Juneau to Anchorage
Week 3 Anchorage to Cold Bay
Week 4  Cold Bay to Adak

Please visit our Online Events page for more information or to register your attendance.

We are going to be doing routes including oceanic clearances in July, so to get us ready for this, a new document for the Oceanic Flights and ATC communication is  going to be released and training/practice sessions will be held by our Training Academy during months of May and June.

Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery

The winner of the April Screenshot Competition is UKV3411 - Dmitriy Kozyrev with  "A prop? Check. Small? Check". Congratulations Dmitriy.

The theme for the May Screenshot Competition is "Topa Sky". For more information and how to the enter the competition, please see the link below:

May Competition -

Topa Sky

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