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We're Upgrading! Important Info about our Website - Please Read

UKV1121 - Chris Sutcliffe

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Towards the end of this week we'll be switching over to our new website. Don't worry... everything will look and feel the same as it does now, with a few improvements here and there. All of your account and login details remain exactly the same.

The work is mainly behind the scenes... we've re-built things from the ground up to ensure we have a robust and reliable platform to deliver your Fly UK experience for many years to come. The work also means that future improvements will be a little quicker and easier for us to make.


When is this happening?

We're aiming for the evening of Thursday 18th July 2019. Our website will be down for a little while but we'll aim to have things up and running as soon as possible. Whilst the site is down you'll see a holding page. If for any reason things take longer than expected, we'll post updates via our Facebook page. SkyTrack isn't impacted by this work and will continue to function as normal. We'll reply to this post to let everyone know when we're done.


Do I need to do anything?

Make sure you access our website by going to https://flyuk.aero.

If you have any bookmarks saved which include 'index.php' or '/en/', you'll find that these will no longer work as our new pages have an improved URL structure.

If you use one of our dynamic forum signatures or avatars, you'll need to update the URLs. Once the new site is live, you can get the updated URL's by  clicking on the 'My Dynamic Pilot Signature' or 'My Display/Profile Picture' box located on the right-hand side of your 'Crew page'.


Spot something that doesn't look right or isn't working?

Let us know and we'll get on it right away. Please make a post in our Bug Tracker here: https://flyuk.aero/forums/forum/265-fly-uk-systems/



The Fly UK Web Team

- Chris Sutcliffe

- Jason Beaumont

- Chris Spencer

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Upgrade work is complete.

Few issues following the work which are noted here: 



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