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A Journey to Online Flying

UKV1790 - Adam Hart

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Have you ever wanted to try flying online on VATSIM, but need support taking the plunge into the online world? The Fly UK Training Academy is here with a new and exciting one off opportunity to help anyone wishing to take those first steps. 
Over a two-week period in September, Fly UK’s Training Academy, Online Events team and ATC team are here to help members start the exciting journey into online flying. A programme of events including setup, Q&A and guidance seminars will run alongside Fly UK ATC controlled events within our own private multiplayer network; the FSD server. Each event is designed to help everyone, whether new or seasoned, understand, learn and enjoy the amazing world of online flying in a fully supported step by step training program culminating in getting on VATSIM with fellow VA members and staff on hand to support. 

Furthermore, an exciting opportunity has presented itself for members wishing to join a fully controlled VATSIM event. We have teamed up with VATSIM Scandinavia (home VACC for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) to join their annual “Copenhagen Live Fly-in” event on the 12th of September. Those wishing to take the training and work towards that taking part in that event is the ultimate goal.

Fly UK Support and training sessions
We will hold a series of events prior to the fly-in on both the VATSIM network and our in house “FSD” multiplayer network. A full list of sessions for this event can be found below.
  • Saturday, 5th September at 13:00z - We will be hosting a practice flight (Manchester - Copenhagen) on our FSD Multiplayer Network. This session aims to help all pilots understand ATC, departure and arrival procedures within the Fly UK environment. 
  • Tuesday, 8th September at 18:00z - VATSIM Session group flight on live network, route will be picked to avoid high traffic areas.
  • Wednesday, 9th September at 18:00z- Training Academy Q&A drop in session, available to all pilots, will cover any questions about what to expect during the event. 
  • Thursday, 10th Septemeber at 18:00z - VATSIM Session group flight on live network, route will be picked to include ATC covered areas.

Copenhagen Live Fly-In
Saturday, 12th September - The main "Copenhagen Live" event for all those ready to face a full challenge and our experienced members. Teaming up with VATSIM Scandinavia, we will be taking part in their annual “Copenhagen Live Fly-in” event. This event is scheduled to run from 06:00z to 22:00z and will take place at Copenhagen Airport (EKCH) on the VATSIM network. More information on the fly-in itself can be found at the VATSIM Scandinavia website.

Throughout the day, Fly UK will be hosting a selection of events on the VATSIM network in cooperation with VATSIM Scandinavia, flying into and out of Copenhagen (EKCH). The main event, the “Copenhagen Live" event will depart from Manchester Ringway (EGCC) at 13:00z. This is the outbound flight to Copenhagen and is estimated to take around 1 hour 30 minutes to complete. We will also be returning to Edinburgh (EGPH) from Copenhagen at 16:00z. 

  • At 06:00z, "Early Birds" flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen on the VATSIM network. 
  • At 13:00z, The main flight from Manchester will depart on the VATSIM network. As this is a VATSIM event, it is likely Manchester will have Air Traffic Control active. Further Air Traffic might be available en route. 
  • At 16:00z, The return flight to Edinburgh from Copenhagen will depart on the VATSIM network. 

A full briefing, created by VATSIM Scandinavia, for the event can be found here.

The event page for the "Early Birds" flight can be found here.

The event page for the main event (Manchester - Copenhagen) can be found here.

The event page for the return flight (Copenhagen - Edinburgh) can be found here.
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