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Latest News & Updates for Members - December 2019

UKV1685 - Matthew Lewis

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Dear Members,


Its December already and we are not quite sure where the year went. As we run down to the end of the year, we turn our attentions to our festive offerings which include two tours and our regular Lapland charter flights,
Last month's activity at Fly UK saw an average of 347 unique pilots per week filing a PIREP in November. We received 1,574 Mainstream PIREPs, 772 Tour PIREPs and 822 Flying Club  PIREPs.
We say thank you and farewell to Stefano Biasiotti from the staff team. Stefano has contributed greatly to the on-line events team with a clear passion for promoting the platform. Stefano has expressed desire to continue as a member and join the ongoing member events.
Operations / Fleet
Fly2's see the changes for December and its staged winter program shifts into the next gear on two aspects. 
In Europe our Christmas Charter flights to Lapland have now begun and run until Christmas eve and the ski season commences with flights from 7th December and running until April 2020
Secondly we wet lease to the Canadian leisure market once again with a number of 757 and 737 aircraft and crews operating charter holiday routes from Vancouver and Montreal to sunnier climes including Mexico and the Caribbean. These flights commence December 1st and run to mid April 2020.
Flying Club
It's that time of year again, so a Flying Club Xmas tour and a Bizjet Xmas tour have been set up which both went live on 01 Nov 2019  and will continue until 28 Feb 2020.
The FSE group continues to expand with a membership of 32 and a club fleet of 5, available on top of the rentable FSE aircraft.
December flights are a series of flights leading up to a Xmas Day circular at Rovaniemi for those are all turkeyed out in the evening 
·        Wed 04 Dec 2019 at 1900z    Xmas Jaunt leg one from Arboga in Sweden to Turku in Finland
·        Wed 11 Dec 2019 at 1900z    Xmas Jaunt leg two from Turku in Finland to  Kruunupyy in Finland
·        Wed 18 Dec 2019 at 1900z    Xmas Jaunt leg three from  Kruunupyy in Finland to  our Xmas destination of  Rovaniemi
·        Wed 25 Dec 2019 at 1900z    XMAS CIRCULAR  quick winter circular  jaunt  from  Rovaniemi  to blow away the cobwebs !!!
Please visit our Flying Club page for more information and flight plans, and to register your attendance.
Online Events
We recently posted an update to our on-line event structure based on the recent members survey, we thank all of those who took time to participate. The full detail can be found here
In summary the new timetable for events is as follows
·        Saturday:         07:00 Z      Earlybird from Airport A to Airport B          FSD
·        Saturday:         19:00 Z      Flight from Airport A to Airport B                FSD
·        Sunday:            14:00 Z      Return flight from B back to A                   IVAO
·        Tuesday           19:00 Z      'Tuesday-Tour-Night'                                 VATSIM
·        Wednesday      19:00 Z      Flying Club Event                                      FSD/TS3
·        Thursday          14:00 Z      'Thursday-Afternoon-Tea-Tour' (as Tue)   IVAO
·        Friday:              19:00 Z      'Friday-Night-Social-Special'                                FSD/TS3
Please visit our Online Events page for more information or to register your attendance.
Fly UK members social group flight - Sunday 15th December: Fly UK FSD server
All members are invited to join us for a relaxed social group flight to Rovaniemi on Sunday 15th in the afternoon. This an open event for anyone with no ATC to worry about, come fly in a group and kick back with some mince pies and a drink.

The event will be rank and airframe restriction free. This is ideal opportunity for those who expressed interest in our own FSD on-line server to join, plenty of set-up support will be on hand if required and join no matter what you level of experience and ability.

We do have event page running with three options to suit those with differing time availabilities allowing members unable to complete the full three hour flight, opportunity to join en-route. Look out for more detail in the forums closer to the day.
Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery
The winner of the November Screenshot Competition is UUKV3373 - Stuart Hyett with "Evening approach Gibraltar RNAV Rwy15 ". Congratulations Stuart!
The theme for the December Screenshot Competition is "Cold Outside". For more information and how to the enter the competition, please see the link below:
 December Competition -Cold Outside
Best regards,
The Fly UK Staff Team
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