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Latest News & Updates for Members - September 2019

UKV1372 - John Wheat

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Dear Members,

So September is upon us and here in the UK, that means the children are back to school after the summer break and traffic levels during the rush hours sadly returning to normal! But here at Fly UK, there is much going on behind the scenes, some of which you will discover below. Amongst other activities, preparations for Cosford continue at pace, but there is much more in the pipeline to look forward to.

Last month's activity at Fly UK saw an average of 274 unique pilots per week filing a PIREP in August. We received 1,594 Mainstream PIREPs, 905 Tour PIREPs and 569 Flying Club PIREPs. 


Since the last update, as you may have already seen, there have been some significant staff changes. Firstly Derek Butterworth has decided to hang up his executive hat and return to being a flying member. Derek has been a long standing and vital part of the Fly UK staff team for many years and we are sad to see him go, but also pleased he will continue to be a vital part of our community. 

Matt Lewis now steps up into the CEO position having worked alongside Derek for the past few years.

Two other members of staff are also standing down due to constraints on personal time, which of course must take priority. Richard Jones left the staff team a few weeks ago and Morten Hansen will step down from his marketing role after the next Skyways magazine release.

We wish all three the best and thank them for their vital contributions to the running of Fly UK.

Operations / Fleet

Aurora - A reminder that our lease of MD82's will cease at the end of October. Aurora will also introduce six Saab 340's with the Winter Schedules.

Nordic - Nordic will lease three 737-700's to operate from Bergen. This is in preparation for expansions into the Baltic region during 2020. Future fleet requirements for this phase are currently under review.

Topa Sky - Three additional Boeing 787-9's have been ordered and will operate Tokyo and Seoul routes as well as a new Perth -London connection ahead of Perth being a focus city for 2020 expansion.


The Pilot Handbook & SOP will shortly be updated to v2.40. This latest edition features updated links due to the new website and an updated fleet list.

Skyways Magazine

The 22nd edition of the magazine will be published in September. For any last minute additions, please send an email with the entry to UKV1678 Morten Hansen.
We will explore the NATS procedures, the thriving FSEconomy and in addition there will be more information about the Cosford event in October.

Member Survey

Please check our latest Press Release with regards to our Online Network Survey. We are keen to hear from all members of the VA, whether you fly online or not, to help shape the services that we provide to you. The deadline for the survey is currently the 30th September 2019, but may be extended depending on the amount of responses we receive. Your feedback is absolutely crucial and invaluable, so thank you in advance for your participation.

Flying Club

This month, our Wednesday Flying Club flights, held on the FSD server, will be a mixed collection around the world. A new AD HOC tour has been added for Biz Jet flyers. This may be one of a series, depending on the take up - it is not the start of, nor will it evolve into a franchise.

Wed 04 September 2019 at 1900z    Albania to Macedonia

Wed 11 September 2019 at 1900z    JAPAN

Wed 18 September 2019 at 1900z    Cuba MUCC TO MUCA

Wed 25 September 2019 at 1900z    Finland EFOP to EFTS

Please visit our Flying Club page for more information and flight plans, and to register your attendance.

Online Events

Events are currently held on the FSD server on Saturday at 0600z and repeated on VATSIM, Tuesday at 1830z and Thursday at 1300z. 

Remember, online events have no rank restrictions so it's a chance to fly different airframes.

Our IVAO event is on a weekly basis on Sundays at 1230z and we will now be deciding the flight details just 30 minutes before the event, so we can select airports with ATC. Please see the Event Calendar

We achieved our highest number of Pireps for online events week ending 09/08/19 with 42 Pireps. Thanks to all that fly and support these events.

We recommend using the new Pilot's Notebook document for online flights as a standard procedure, to assist the pilot in ATC communication procedures (click here to download the A6 format version or the A5 format version)

Also, check NOTAM H if you would like to use an APC (Alternative Personalized Callsign) when flying online.


Week 1   Back to UK, Salzburg to Southampton with a missed approach
Week 2   Overflying the Ocean part 3 Akurery to Bodo. Oceanic flight
Week 3   Overflying the Ocean part 4 Bodo to Vagar. Oceanic flight
Week 4   San Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and back. Difficult approach

Please visit our Online Events page for more information or to register your attendance.

Screenshot Competition - Sponsored by UK2000 Scenery

The winner of the August Screenshot Competition is UKV1685 - Matt Lewis with "Shallow in the Seychelles". Congratulations Matt!

Remember that the best shots of the month will be used to promote the IVAO Sunday events 

The theme for the September Screenshot Competition is "Metroair". For more information and how to the enter the competition, please see the link below:

September Competition -


And to close, a special thank you to all those of you who take part in our forums and discord channels, The strength of our community is largely down to you. So thanks again and keep those contributions coming in.

Best regards,

The Fly UK Staff Team

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