Cleared in the 205

Posted 03 Dec 2005

Lastnight (2/12/05) UKV1190 Hornet Passed his check ride in the Bell 205. He had perform three demanding tasks, in the area near UK22, Fort William. The first was to lift two underslung loads onto a mountain near the airfield. After that Job was complete, He attached the crop spaying kit to the aircraft. We then flew up to the end of Glen Nevis, I pointed out the area to be sprayed. He preformed this task with ease, then returned to UK22.

For the last part of the test, he connected the fire fighting kit, took off hovered over Loch Linnie and filled the tank. I pointed out an area about 1400ft up Ben Nevis, That I said was on fire, He came in checked the wind and dropped the water right on the spot.

Well Done Hornet, A very professional Helicopter pilot. 10/10.

Have a look at the screenshots in the Chopper Division. I am still looking for more pilots to fly these amazing machines I have had alot of  pilots wanting to learn and have replyed you all. So lets see you get up to this kind of Standard.

Doug UKV1217