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To report a bug with our website, flight data, CFP data, aircraft downloads or SkyTrack, please post in the relevant bug tracker.

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Please ensure you've checked the Members Handbook and the Operations Handbook before contacting us. They contain useful info on all Fly UK policies and procedures.

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All pilots start as a Class E First Officer. Our aircraft are organised in categories E to A. Your rank is determined by your total flying hours. As your hours increase, your rank increases, as does the choice of aircraft and routes to fly. More Information on our rank scheme.
You need to file one PIREP per month in order to remain active. Our system automatically deletes accounts which have been inactive for one month.
Yes. Pilots are permitted 90 days of leave per year. The limit is there to ensure people do not abuse the system. Requests for extended leave can be made. Pilots with zero hours are not able to go on leave.
No, you can fly online or offline, the choice is yours.

You will notice an "ATC" column in flight search which may have VATSIM or IVAO in green. Please note that this is only advisory, and is only there as a filter to advise if ATC is online for members who wish to plan their flights around ATC availability.

This feature in no way limits members to having to fly these flights on an online platform.
You must be aged 16 years or older to join.
Yes. You search and book the flights you want to fly. The flights available to book depend on your rank which determines which aircraft you are able to fly. Your rank increases as your total hours increase.
You can fly flights at any time of the day. We do ask that you fly the flights on the days specified. For example you cannot fly a flight that only operates Monday - Friday on a Saturday or Sunday. If you want to be more realistic, you can fly flights at the times specified on the schedule. The other option is to set your flight simulator 'world time' to coincide with the times specified on the schedule.
Yes, you can be a member of many VA's as you wish (providing you can fulfil any monthly activity requirements that each VA may have).
When recording a flight with Fly UK, you are not permitted to simultaneously record the same flight with another VA
Fly UK does not accept transferred hours from other virtual airlines or pilot recording software. All members follow the same path here at Fly UK, including staff and we encourage all new members to explore and enjoy everything Fly UK has to offer within its operations from Class E up.

Returning Fly UK members can have their logbook restored however - please see next FAQ
In line with GDPR requirements; in the event that a member has chosen to resign, or an account has been deleted due to inactivity, all information that you have submitted as part of your registration to Fly UK, and all record of your activity with us, is deleted.

If you have previously exported a backup of your logbook during your last stay with us, you can email this to and your rank and hours will be fully restored. Any leavers after 07/09/21 will have had their backup automatically emailed to the address on your member record, prior to your account being deleted. Please note we are unfortunately unable to restore your previous UKV number.

If you are a returning member and unfortunately do not possess a logbook backup, you will unfortunately have to restart your virtual career with us, back at Class E
Unless you are a returning member with a backup of your Fly UK logbook, all new members at Fly UK start with 0 hours regardless of your previous skills, ability or experience. We believe it is only fair that everyone who joins Fly UK should start at the same place and work their way up the ranks.
No. Our flight recording software SkyTrack only supports users using Microsoft Windows.
PIREPs for all flights must be filed via SkyTrack. The only exceptions are Training Academy sessions where your instructor will file a PIREP if applicable.
Your username and password for SkyTrack are exactly the same as your crew centre username and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset this using the "My Account Controls" cogwheel button in the "Crew Centre" -> "My Crew Page"
SkyTrack will only display flight bookings due to depart on the current day. If SkyTrack doesn't display any bookings, go to your booked flights page on the website to check that you actually have some booked flights.
Your ground speed must be zero, have the parking brake set with all engines off to safely start and stop recording
In case Flight Simulator crashes! An AutoSave addon automatically saves your flight every 5 minutes in the Flight Simulator saved flights library; this means you can quickly resume your position in the case your simulator crashes. For FSX/P3D, auto-save functionality is available with the payware version of FSUPIC, alternatively a member-created freeware autosave addon is available from our forums
If you pause your Flight Simulator, SkyTrack will also pause recording. When you continue your flight SkyTrack will continue recording as normal thus recording the actual time the aircraft is flying, not the time SkyTrack spends running.
Yes! We thoroughly recommend using an 'AutoSave' addon. This automatically saves your flight every 5 minutes in the Flight Simulator saved flights library; this means you can quickly resume your position in the case your simulator crashes. In order to continue your flight using SkyTrack, you need to position yourself to within 100nm of the position where Flight Simulator crashed. Simply ensure SkyTrack is still open and press the 'Continue recording' button.
Ensure SkyTrack is still open and press the 'Continue recording' button. You need to be within 100nm of the point where SkyTrack lost the connection to Flight Simulator in order for this to work.
Copy any error messages displayed exactly as they appear and send them to us via the SkyTrack bug tracker so we can investigate the problem.
Providing your Internet connection is active when you fetch a booking and stop recording to send a PIREP, SkyTrack should function okay. When your Internet connection is not active SkyTrack will not send position reports meaning your position and data on the SkyTrack live map may not be up to date. If your internet connection doesn't resume before the end of your flight, SkyTrack now allows you to export your pirep by saving a XML file to your documents. You can upload this file on our website once your internet resumes.
If you still have the booking on your Crew Page, next to dispatch there’s a drop-down arrow. Select Upload PIREP and browse to the xml file that you saved on your computer.
If you don’t have the original booking, rebook it using the same aircraft that you flew originally and then follow the above

Standard (non-tour) Flying Club PIREPs can be uploaded here
Flying Club Tour PIREPs can be uploaded using the "Upload PIREP" button next to the associated leg on the Tour
Please consult dispatch for the closest diversion airport to the intended destination. If you have to divert, when you click the 'Stop recording' button at the end of your flight SkyTrack will detect you are not at your scheduled destination airport and will allow you to enter your alternative airport and submit a PIREP. Please enter the reason for the diversion in the PIREP comments.

Your PIREP will be automatically flagged in our backend, and your reason for diversion will be read by Fly UK Staff. You maybe questioned regarding your diversion if it is outside of our diversion criteria.

Please note that diversion on Tours are not permitted.
In the current version of SkyTrack, an Internet connection is required in order to fetch your bookings and submit the PIREP data. If you don't have an internet connection on the PC that runs your Flight Simulator then you must select 'No Internet Flight' and follow the steps to import your pirep. See No-Internet Flight Section above.

SkyTrack records your altitude, ground speed, heading, position, aircraft type, fuel usage, distance travelled, flight duration and weight.
You may run SkyTrack on a networked computer using WideFS (which is payware).
If any aspect of the PIREP is incorrect or has failed to record properly, you should post in the SkyTrack bug tracker so we can investigate the problem.
SkyTrack can be uninstalled from your computer using the uninstaller found within the control panel found in Windows. This may be called Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features depending on your version of Windows. 
Yes, however you must not export your flight to Fly UK via FSPassengers as this will be done by SkyTrack.
Where aircraft or addons support shared cockpit functionality, both pilots are permitted to book, and record the same flight simultaneously in SkyTrack.

If connecting to an online network, the "pilot flying" should connect using the callsign denoted in the dispatch page for the flight (eg UKV123). The "pilot non-flying" must connect in "observer mode" and append an "A" to their callsign (eg UKV123A), so that two aircraft do not appear on a controller's scope.
SkyTrack is at the very core of VA Operations. We do not accept any other form of proof that a flight has taken place, other than flights recorded by SkyTrack.
Please ensure that you are using your full UKV ID (UKVXXXX) assigned to you at registration as your username, along with the password that you setup at registration.

Password Managers, and/or browser auto-complete functionality may attempt to use your email address as your username/Pilot ID, which will not work.

If your username/password combination still isn't working, it can be reset here.
Members are allocated 90 days of leave per calendar year to use as they see fit.

You can place yourself on leave for a maximum of 30 days via Crew Centre > My Crew Page > My Account Controls