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Facts & Figures

Our Mission is to provide a high quality virtual aviation experience for all flight simulator enthusiasts, striking the right balance between realism and flexibility within a friendly and helpful community. We will help pilots of all skill levels and experience to achieve their full potential as virtual airline pilots.

Chris Sutcliffe (UKV1121) Founder & Chairman

Key Facts

  • One of the UK's largest and most successful virtual airlines.
  • We have a fleet of over 572 aircraft comprising of 36 different types.
  • Domestic and International route network to 559 destinations.
  • Scheduled flight core business with additional UK services in Cargo, and Holiday (FLY2) flights.
  • Additional sudsidiary operations covering Scottish Highlands, Scandinavia, Oceania, Canada, Alaska and the USA.
  • Our primary mainstream and largest base is London Heathrow.
  • Our other bases are London Gatwick, London City, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Southampton.
  • We also have a Tours division and a Flying Club.
  • Our International community is made up of virtual pilots from 49 different countries.

Awards & Innovation

Innovation has always been one of our aims and we're proud to have brought a number of firsts to the virtual aviation community.

  • First virtual airline to become a VATSIM ATO.
  • First virtual airline to offer a dedicated training academy with one2one online training sessions (using software such as gates.to), training history records and knowledge and input from real world pilots.
  • First virtual airline to provide a document with common ATC phrases in 10 different languages (International Pilot Phrase Book).
  • One of the first virtual airlines to offer downloads for the entire fleet as auto self installers.


Airline Information
Radio Callsign: Skyways IATA Code: FL
Established: April 2004 ICAO Code: UKV
Active Time: 20 years ago Networks: IVAO & VATSIM
Members: 920 Active: 734
Inactive: 159 On Leave: 27

New to Flight Sim or Virtual Airlines?

A virtual airline (VA) is an online organisation of flight simulator enthusiasts flying together in one community under one name. The idea is to make the flight simulator experience more realistic and enjoyable.

Flight Simulation Software

There are a number of PC based flight simulation programs available which can be used with Fly UK. We recommend the current 64 bit standard, although 32 bit software can still be used. For members new to simulation its important to weigh up the options and determine which sim is best for you. Current software supported by Fly UK is:

Lockheed Martin Prepar3D - Popular with our members and in most cases our livery and freeware fleet downloads are fully compatible up to V3. V4 adds 64 bit support and is a much better all round product, some older freeware fleet models however are not compatible with V4.

X-Plane 11 - A popular new generation of simulator with superb visuals and flight dynamics. A growing volume of free scenery and pay ware add-on products. A bit more limited on aircraft choice but expanding over time.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - The eleventh major entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series, released in August 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) or FSX Steam edition - Older generation software but still going strong. Wide and comprehensive aircraft and scenery available from a well matured title.

Microsoft FS2004 and X-Plane 10 can still also be used but are not officially supported by Fly UK.

Does it cost anything?

To get started you will need to purchase the flight simulation software of your choice.

You'll also need to invest in a suitable joystick or flight control. It's a bit difficult to land a 737 using your keyboard!

After that, you can spend as little or as much as you like. There are many add-ons available to enhance your experience. Add-ons include aircraft, scenery, sounds and more!

There is no charge to join Fly UK or download any of our aircraft or liveries.

Why join a Virtual Airline?

It provides you with an opportunity to meet and fly with like-minded flight sim enthusiasts.

It gives you a new dimension and purpose to flying in flight simulator.

Being part of a virtual airline gives you the realistic feeling that you are operating that flight in a Fly UK aircraft for a reason.

You're operating a flight from an airlines timetable rather than just flying the flight because you feel like it, thereby increasing the realism of your virtual flying experience.

Fleet & Operations

Our operations are split into a number of subsidiary divisions - most are within our Airline Divisions plus we have Tours and the Flying Club. We operate a varied fleet of aircraft, from turboprops right up to the latest most technologically advanced jet airliners.

Our Fleet

Fly UK boasts a fleet of over 572 aircraft comprising of 36 different types.

These range from the rugged and dependable Cessna Grand Caravan right through to the most technologically advanced Boeing heavies available on the market today. We offer quality freeware downloads with auto installers for all our aircraft, as well as repaints for popular payware add-ons.

Find out more in the Fleet Centre

Fleet Image

Our Rank Scheme

Ranks are based on total airline hours and determine which aircraft and flights you can fly. Everyone begins as a Class E First Officer meaning they can fly any flight which is operated by a Class E aircraft. As your total hours increase your rank level increases, thus increasing the choice of aircraft and flights available.

Class E

DH8D, DHC6, CRJ7, C208, RJ1H, K100, AT76, AT46, E190, E75L

Rank Badge

Class E Captain
5 hours

Rank Badge

Class E First Officer
Start Here

Class D

B738, A320, MD88, B737, E195, A20N, B38M, B738F

Rank Badge

Class D Captain
25 hours

Rank Badge

Class D First Officer
10 hours

Class C

B752, A321, A21N

Rank Badge

Class C Captain
40 hours

Rank Badge

Class C First Officer
30 hours

Class B

B788, A359, B789, B763, A333, A339

Rank Badge

Class B Captain
65 hours

Rank Badge

Class B First Officer
55 hours

Class A

B744F, B744, B77L, B77W, B77L, B748F, B748, B78X, B772

Rank Badge

Class A Captain
100 hours

Rank Badge

Class A First Officer
90 hours


All Fly UK Aircraft Types

Rank Badge

ATP Captain
500 hours

Rank Badge

ATP First Officer
300 hours

Why Choose Fly UK?

We have over 10 years experience in providing a leading virtual airline experience. We're here to stay and every year our membership and activity numbers continue to grow.

FREE Membership & No Entry Exam

Membership is completely FREE and there is no entrance exam, pilots of all skill levels are welcome.

New to Flight Sim?

With our basic training programme which covers 8 key areas, we'll have you flying in no time.

Quality Freeware Downloads

We search for the best freeware models, sounds and panels so you don't have to.

Payware Repaints

We offer repaints for popular payware add-ons such as PMDG, iFly, Captain Sim & Quality Wings.

24/7 FSD Server

Dedicated multiplayer server for Fly UK members often used for in-house events and training.

vRoute & VATSIM Pre-File

When booking your flight, you can export to vRoute and pre-file your flight plan on VATSIM.


See other Fly UK aircraft on IVAO. You'll find the majority of our aircraft included in the MTL.

Downloadable Flight Plans

Download flight plans for use with PMDG, Level-D, IVAP, FSINN, Squawk Box and FSX.

Screenshot Competition

Submit an entry and you'll be in with the chance of winning a UK2000 scenery package.

Dynamic Signatures

Personalised signature image which automatically updates each time you submit a PIREP.

Offers & Discounts

Access to excellent offers from major flight simulation retailers and publishers.

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Essential Reading

The Members Handbook and Operations Handbook contains everything you need to know about being a member of Fly UK. We strongly recommend you spend some time reading them before joining us.

Members Handbook

Operations Handbook


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Frequently Asked Questions

All pilots start as a Class E First Officer. Our aircraft are organised in categories E to A. Your rank is determined by your total flying hours. As your hours increase, your rank increases, as does the choice of aircraft and routes to fly. More Information on our rank scheme.
You need to file one PIREP per month in order to remain active. Our system automatically deletes accounts which have been inactive for one month.
Yes. Pilots are permitted 90 days of leave per year. The limit is there to ensure people do not abuse the system. Requests for extended leave can be made. Pilots with zero hours are not able to go on leave.
No, you can fly online or offline, the choice is yours.

You will notice an "ATC" column in flight search which may have VATSIM or IVAO in green. Please note that this is only advisory, and is only there as a filter to advise if ATC is online for members who wish to plan their flights around ATC availability.

This feature in no way limits members to having to fly these flights on an online platform.
You must be aged 16 years or older to join.
Yes. You search and book the flights you want to fly. The flights available to book depend on your rank which determines which aircraft you are able to fly. Your rank increases as your total hours increase.
You can fly flights at any time of the day. We do ask that you fly the flights on the days specified. For example you cannot fly a flight that only operates Monday - Friday on a Saturday or Sunday. If you want to be more realistic, you can fly flights at the times specified on the schedule. The other option is to set your flight simulator 'world time' to coincide with the times specified on the schedule.
Yes, you can be a member of many VA's as you wish (providing you can fulfil any monthly activity requirements that each VA may have).
When recording a flight with Fly UK, you are not permitted to simultaneously record the same flight with another VA
Fly UK does not accept transferred hours from other virtual airlines or pilot recording software. All members follow the same path here at Fly UK, including staff and we encourage all new members to explore and enjoy everything Fly UK has to offer within its operations from Class E up.

Returning Fly UK members can have their logbook restored however - please see next FAQ
In line with GDPR requirements; in the event that a member has chosen to resign, or an account has been deleted due to inactivity, all information that you have submitted as part of your registration to Fly UK, and all record of your activity with us, is deleted.

If you have previously exported a backup of your logbook during your last stay with us, you can email this to human.resources@flyuk.aero and your rank and hours will be fully restored. Any leavers after 07/09/21 will have had their backup automatically emailed to the address on your member record, prior to your account being deleted. Please note we are unfortunately unable to restore your previous UKV number.

If you are a returning member and unfortunately do not possess a logbook backup, you will unfortunately have to restart your virtual career with us, back at Class E
Unless you are a returning member with a backup of your Fly UK logbook, all new members at Fly UK start with 0 hours regardless of your previous skills, ability or experience. We believe it is only fair that everyone who joins Fly UK should start at the same place and work their way up the ranks.
No. Our flight recording software SkyTrack only supports users using Microsoft Windows.