Easter Delivery

Posted 27 Mar 2024

Easter is upon us and this year the Easter Bunny will be delivering us new aircraft.

As announced earlier in the year we have several changes and delivery flights are now live for these additions with some interesting and challenging ferry routes to tackle.

Highland Connect

  • ATR42-600 From Toulouse to Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness bases.


  • ATR42-600 From Toulouse to Anchorage and Vancouver via Prestwick, Rekjavik, Kangerlussuaq, Churchill, Yellowknife (Anchorage), Edmonton (Vancouver).


  • E175 to Miami, Denver and San Francisco from Victorville.
  • E195 to Miami, Denver and San Fransisco from Bergen and Helsinki via Narsarsuaq and Montreal.

Topa Sky

  • ATR72-600 From Toulouse to Port Moresby and Melbourne via Pescara, Athens, Larnaca, Dammam, Muscat, Karachi, Nagpur, Calcutta, Rangoon and Ho Chi Min. Then splits via Brunei, Makassar Darwin for Melbourne and Sibulan, Rendani for Port Moresby
  • A320Neo, two options with different routes. Wellington from Toulouse via Gander, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Rarotongo or Cairns from Hamburg Finkenwerder via Dubai, Singapore and Darwin.

Nordic Sky

  • E190 to Bergen, Helsinki and Stockholm from Tarbes-Lourdes


These flights are available until the end of April. Search for Ad-hoc (FL9000 - 9095). Retirement flights for the aircraft these replace will be announced mid-April.


Downloads for the new aircraft are available now for MSFS platforms for FSS and Asobo products. Virtaulcol and X-Plane E-jets will follow very soon so be sure to check back if that's your platform/product choice.



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