Fly UK celebrates 20 years

Posted 12 Mar 2024


In late March 2004, an announcement was made that planning was underway for a new virtual airline. Soon after in early April, Fly UK was born.

Fast forward 20 years and Fly UK has become one of the most successful and long-running virtual airlines around with its unique style and identity, not to mention its exceptional community.

Over the years Fly UK has evolved as has the flight sim hobby to the point we reach today in what many say is a golden era of flight sim. Steered by an outstanding team of staff past and present, Fly UK enters its twenties having come through its formative years, unruly teens into what we enjoy today. Fly UK has remained at the forefront of the VA space and is arguably the leading non-real world-based virtual airlines with a realistic fleet and operational schedules.

We thank all who have supported us on this journey as pilots, supporters and staff, without whom we would not be here today. 

To celebrate we have several events and specials for members to enjoy throughout April

  • FSWeekend 2024 Lelystadt Meet-up (March 16/17) Info
  • Pilot rank/aircraft restriction-free period 1st April - 30th April
  • 20th Anniversary challenge and prizes
  • 20th Anniversary group flight events every weekend throughout April
  • Special long-haul social flight
  • Limited edition 20th Anniversary Tour
  • Surprise announcements
  • 20th Anniversary merchandise

More details will follow in due course, but we look forward to welcoming all members to join us for a busy Anniversary in April with you all!




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