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Posted 01 Apr 2021

Members who logged into our website this morning were greeted by the genius of our evil web dev team..and it seems a good few of you were fooled.

Circumstances in 2020 didn't seem right to be landing our usual April 1st foolery on our members and whilst 2021 is still not better for some...its time to have a positive outlook on life and crack a smile once and again. Of course a years gap meant something special had to be conjured up ;)

For those that missed it, users accessing the site before midday were greeted by this screen

April 1st login

Clicking on any of the options took you here, so if you stomped off in a rage...we got you good!  ;)


Of course Fly UK has always and will continue to be freely accessible to all however we hope you enjoyed our bit of fun, sadly we are all out of cuddley toys so please stop sending in the requests. The repaint team can also calm down on trying to figure out how to provide repaints before commercial release :D



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