Introducing Cetan

Posted 11 Oct 2022

October 12th is recognised in the United States as Indigenous Peoples Day, in honour of America's first inhabitants and the Tribal Nations that continue to thrive today. It is a fitting day therefore to announce a new Airline Division joining the Fly UK Group soon!

Based within the United States, our new Airline Division Cetan will link with our Fly UK, Topa Sky and Aurora operations, providing the perfect American adventure for Fly UK pilots. 

 The Cetan Brand
Cetan (the Spirit of the Hawk) originates from Native American Mythology and inspires our American division. To the Native American tribes, the hawk is sacred and Cetan symbolises poise, confidence and speed. Keeping in spirit with the influences behind our Topa Sky brand, we recognize this rich local history and take these values to the skies with a bold livery inspired by Native American art. A unique feel to this new division and its place in the Fly UK Group operations' success.

Cetan will operate with CET code and Skyhawk callsign.

777-300 ER at Miami

Launch Date
We will launch CETAN on the 12th of November 2022, with delivery flights scheduled to commence on the 26th of October 2022.

Bases & Fleet
At launch, Cetan will operate from San Francisco, Denver and Miami, with each airport serving as our West Coast, Central and East Coast bases respectively providing flights across the continental USA with links to the central and south Americas, far east and interconnectivity with other Fly UK Divisions. There has never been a better way to see the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave!
Cetan’s fleet will consist of a mixture of short-haul and long-haul aircraft with each base operating a different selection of airframes. Liveries for all main available aircraft products will be available at launch for MSFS, XP11/12 and P3D/FSX.

  • Boeing 737-700
    • Cetan’s short-haul fleet will consist of the reliable Boeing 737-700. A popular airframe with other US-based operators, Cetan’s Boeing 737-700 fleet will operate from all three of Cetan’s bases.
    • Delivery flights for the Boeing 737-700 will commence from storage at Victorville to Cetan’s bases in San Francisco, Denver and Miami. 
    • The Boeing 737-700 will be available as a Class D aircraft. 

  • Boeing 777-300ER
    • A fan favourite and a highly requested addition to the Fly UK Group, Cetan will operate the Boeing 777-300ER (B77W). As an extremely capable airframe, Cetan’s Boeing 777-300ER will operate long-haul flights from Cetan’s West Coast base in San Francisco and Cetan’s central base in Denver. 
    • Delivery flights for the B77W will commence from Alice Springs to San Francisco and Denver bases.
    • The B77W will be available as a Class A aircraft.

  • ·Boeing 757-200
    • Another fan favourite, the Boeing 757-200 will join Cetan’s fleet. The B752s will be based at Cetan’s Denver and Miami bases. 
    • Delivery flights for the B752s will commence from storage at Victorville to Denver and Miami.
    • The B752 will be available to pilots as a Class C aircraft. 

  • ·Airbus A330-342
    • The A330 family returns to the Fly UK Group in the form of the A330-300. Cetan’s A330-342 will operate a selection of long-haul flights from Denver and Miami.
    • Delivery flights for the A330-342 will commence from storage at Victorville to our Central and East coast bases in Denver and Miami.
    • The A333 will be available as a Class B aircraft.

  • Airbus A330-972neo
    • Alongside the A330-342, Cetan will also operate the new Airbus A330-972neo. The A330-972neo will operate exclusively out of Cetan’s East coast base, Miami.
    • Delivery flights for the A330-972neo will commence from the Airbus factory at Toulouse in France to the aircraft’s home base in Miami. 
    • The A330-972neo will be available as a Class B aircraft. 

The addition of a new airline division to the Fly UK Group is always an exciting time and thanks to all the team behind this project. We've been looking forward to sharing this with you for some time...many a teaser and hidden image has been dropped in recent weeks, especially on Discord...maybe some of you picked up on it ;)

So welcome to the family Cetan, complementing our Canada and Alaskan Aurora operations, we hope our pilots will enjoy flying new operations throughout the United States and beyond with Cetan.

Cetan A330-900



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