Class A Tour - Fords Flight

Tour Description
Captain Robert Ford was ferrying mail and passengers from San Francisco to New Zealand aboard a Pan American Airways Pacific Clipper on Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour.  Caught far from home Captain Ford and his crew commenced an epic flight to return home. Skirting the war zone and watching for enemy aircraft, he headed the flying boat west over Australia, India and Central Africa, then crossed to South America, eventually making a safe landing at the Marine Terminal at what is now La Guardia Airport in New York on Jan. 6, 1942. The entire trip covered 31,500 miles in 209.5 hours of flying time and in doing so became the first round the world flight by a commercial airliner.

If you wish to read more on this incredible story, visit this website
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 20140nm
Approx Total Duration: 54:15
Total Pilots Completed: 22
Total Pilots In Progress: 5
Total Unique Airports: 13
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Aerospatiale ATR 72 - Highland Connect
Aerospatiale ATR 72 - Topa Sky
Airbus A319-131 - Codeshare
Airbus A319-131 - Topa Sky
Airbus A320-214 - Fly UK
Airbus A320-214 - Topa Sky
Airbus A320-231 - Codeshare
Airbus A320-251N - Codeshare
Airbus A320-251N - Fly UK
Airbus A320-251N - Topa Sky
Airbus A321-231 - Codeshare
Airbus A321-231 - Fly UK
Airbus A321-251NX - Fly UK
Airbus A350 XWB - Fly UK
Avro RJ100 - Aurora
Beechcraft B1900D - Nordic Sky
Boeing 737 MAX 8 - FLY2
Boeing 737-700 - Aurora
Boeing 737-800 - Codeshare
Boeing 737-800 - FLY2
Boeing 737-800 - Fly UK
Boeing 747-8F - Cargo
Boeing 747-8i - Fly UK
Boeing 747-400 - Fly UK
Boeing 747-400F - Cargo
Boeing 757-200 - Aurora
Boeing 757-200 - Codeshare
Boeing 757-200 - FLY2
Boeing 757-200PF - Cargo
Boeing 767-300ER - Aurora
Boeing 777-200ER - Fly UK
Boeing 777-200LR - Fly UK
Boeing 777-200LRF - Cargo
Boeing 777-300ER - Codeshare
Boeing 787-8 - Codeshare
Boeing 787-8 - FLY2
Boeing 787-8 - Topa Sky
Boeing 787-9 - Fly UK
Boeing 787-10 - Fly UK
Bombardier CRJ700 - Fly UK
C208B - Topa Sky
Dash 8 Q400 - Fly UK
Dash 8 Q400 - Nordic Sky
de Havilland DHC-6 - Aurora
de Havilland DHC-6 - Highland Connect
Embraer E195LR - Nordic Sky
McDonnell Douglas MD-88 - Aurora
Saab 340B - Aurora
Saab 340B - Highland Connect
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.gif Auckland (NZAA) to
.gif Noumea (NWWW)

FORD01 - Estimated Duration 03:10:00

Leg 1 Flight Info

.gif Noumea (NWWW) to
.gif Rockhampton (YBRK)

FORD02 - Estimated Duration 03:00:00

Leg 2 Flight Info

.gif Rockhampton (YBRK) to
.gif Darwin (YPDN)

FORD03 - Estimated Duration 03:55:00

Leg 3 Flight Info

.gif Darwin (YPDN) to
.gif Sidoarjo (WARR)

FORD04 - Estimated Duration 05:35:00

Leg 4 Flight Info

.gif Sidoarjo (WARR) to
.gif Trinciomalee (VCCT)

FORD05 - Estimated Duration 05:35:00

Leg 5 Flight Info

.gif Trinciomalee (VCCT) to
.gif Karachi (OPKC)

FORD06 - Estimated Duration 03:45:00

Leg 6 Flight Info

.gif Karachi (OPKC) to
.gif Bahrain (OBBI)

FORD07 - Estimated Duration 03:05:00

Leg 7 Flight Info

.gif Bahrain (OBBI) to
.gif Khartoum (HSSK)

FORD08 - Estimated Duration 03:45:00

Leg 8 Flight Info

.gif Khartoum (HSSK) to
.gif Kinshasa (FZAA)

FORD09 - Estimated Duration 04:25:00

Leg 9 Flight Info

.gif Kinshasa (FZAA) to
.gif Natal (SBNT)

FORD10 - Estimated Duration 07:45:00

Leg 10 Flight Info

.gif Natal (SBNT) to
.gif Port Of Spain (TTPP)

FORD11 - Estimated Duration 05:00:00

Leg 11 Flight Info

.gif Port Of Spain (TTPP) to
.gif New York (KLGA)

FORD12 - Estimated Duration 05:15:00

Leg 12 Flight Info