Class D Tour - Pacific Clipper

Tour Description
A short tour from San Francisco across the pacific to Auckland. Flying the Pacific presented a much greater challenge than crossing the Atlantic with greater distances to travel between land, the Clipper flying boat made it possible and enjoyed a brief run of success until World War 2. Today we can of course fly non stop what would have taken fours days and All Class D jets are available.

Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 6952nm
Approx Total Duration: 20:05
Total Pilots Completed: 33
Total Pilots In Progress: 3
Total Unique Airports: 6
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Airbus A319-131 - Codeshare
Airbus A319-131 - Topa Sky
Airbus A320-214 - Fly UK
Airbus A320-214 - Topa Sky
Airbus A320-231 - Codeshare
Airbus A320-251N - Codeshare
Airbus A320-251N - Fly UK
Airbus A320-251N - Topa Sky
Boeing 737-700 - Aurora
Boeing 737-800 - Codeshare
Boeing 737-800 - FLY2
Boeing 737-800 - Fly UK
Embraer E195LR - Nordic Sky
McDonnell Douglas MD-88 - Aurora
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.gif San Francisco (KSFO) to
.gif Honolulu (PHNL)

CLIP01 - Estimated Duration 06:00:00

Leg 1 Flight Info

.gif Honolulu (PHNL) to
.gif Kiritimati (PLCH)

CLIP02 - Estimated Duration 03:25:00

Leg 2 Flight Info

.gif Kiritimati (PLCH) to
.gif Nadi (NFFN)

CLIP03 - Estimated Duration 05:10:00

Leg 3 Flight Info

.gif Nadi (NFFN) to
.gif Noumea (NWWW)

CLIP04 - Estimated Duration 02:30:00

Leg 4 Flight Info

.gif Noumea (NWWW) to
.gif Auckland (NZAA)

CLIP05 - Estimated Duration 03:00:00

Leg 5 Flight Info