Class E Tour - Route 66 Tour

Tour Description
Well, if you ever plan to fly west, try take my way, that's the skyway, that's the best....get your kicks over Route 66.

From Chicago to the Pacific cost at Santa Monica, route 66 is perhaps the most famous road in the world and travelled by thousands. Normally a two to three week trip, we can speed things up in the air and improve the views. This tour is only open to small prop types as you wont enjoy the scenery from up too high ;)

Please be aware that third party airports may be required depending on your choice of sim platform.
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 1960nm
Approx Total Duration: 23:40
Total Pilots Completed: 36
Total Pilots In Progress: 33
Total Unique Airports: 22
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Beechcraft B1900D - Nordic Sky
C208B - Topa Sky
de Havilland DHC-6 - Aurora
de Havilland DHC-6 - Highland Connect
Saab 340B - Aurora
Saab 340B - Highland Connect
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.gif Chicago (KMDW) to
.gif Bloomington (KBMI)

RSIX01 - Estimated Duration 01:10:00

Leg 1 Flight Info

.gif Bloomington (KBMI) to
.gif Springfield (KSPI)

RSIX02 - Estimated Duration 00:55:00

Leg 2 Flight Info

.gif Springfield (KSPI) to
.gif St Louis (KCPS)

RSIX03 - Estimated Duration 01:00:00

Leg 3 Flight Info

.gif St Louis (KCPS) to
.gif Springfield (KSGF)

RSIX04 - Estimated Duration 01:50:00

Leg 4 Flight Info

.gif Springfield (KSGF) to
.gif Joplin (KJLN)

RSIX05 - Estimated Duration 01:00:00

Leg 5 Flight Info

.gif Joplin (KJLN) to
.gif Tulsa (KTUL)

RSIX06 - Estimated Duration 01:05:00

Leg 6 Flight Info

.gif Tulsa (KTUL) to
.gif Oklahoma City (KOKC)

RSIX07 - Estimated Duration 01:15:00

Leg 7 Flight Info

.gif Oklahoma City (KOKC) to
.gif Elk City (KELK)

RSIX08 - Estimated Duration 01:00:00

Leg 8 Flight Info

.gif Elk City (KELK) to
.gif Amarillo (KAMA)

RSIX09 - Estimated Duration 01:20:00

Leg 9 Flight Info

.gif Amarillo (KAMA) to
.gif Santa Rosa (KSXU)

RSIX10 - Estimated Duration 01:30:00

Leg 10 Flight Info

.gif Santa Rosa (KSXU) to
.gif Santa Fe (KSAF)

RSIX11 - Estimated Duration 01:10:00

Leg 11 Flight Info

.gif Santa Fe (KSAF) to
.gif Albuquerque (KABQ)

RSIX12 - Estimated Duration 01:00:00

Leg 12 Flight Info

.gif Albuquerque (KABQ) to
.gif Grants (KGNT)

RSIX13 - Estimated Duration 01:00:00

Leg 13 Flight Info

.gif Grants (KGNT) to
.gif Gallup (KGUP)

RSIX14 - Estimated Duration 00:55:00

Leg 14 Flight Info

.gif Gallup (KGUP) to
.gif Winslow (KINW)

RSIX15 - Estimated Duration 01:10:00

Leg 15 Flight Info

.gif Winslow (KINW) to
.gif Flagstaff (KFLG)

RSIX16 - Estimated Duration 00:55:00

Leg 16 Flight Info

.gif Flagstaff (KFLG) to
.gif Seligman (KP23)

RSIX17 - Estimated Duration 01:00:00

Leg 17 Flight Info

.gif Seligman (KP23) to
.gif Kingman (KIGM)

RSIX18 - Estimated Duration 00:55:00

Leg 18 Flight Info

.gif Kingman (KIGM) to
.gif Daggett (KDAG)

RSIX19 - Estimated Duration 01:35:00

Leg 19 Flight Info

.gif Daggett (KDAG) to
.gif San Bernardino (KSBD)

RSIX20 - Estimated Duration 00:55:00

Leg 20 Flight Info

.gif San Bernardino (KSBD) to
.gif Santa Monica (KSMO)

RSIX21 - Estimated Duration 01:00:00

Leg 21 Flight Info