Class D Tour - Scenic South America

Tour Description
Visit a selection South American airports in this grand continent of rainforests, great pampas, mountains,  the world's largest dinosaur, lost empires, diverse peoples and cultures, and unique wildlife. Who knows maybe you will even discover the lost city of El Dorado!
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 5379nm
Approx Total Duration: 16:30
Total Pilots Completed: 54
Total Pilots In Progress: 21
Total Unique Airports: 11
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Aerospatiale ATR 72 - Highland Connect
Aerospatiale ATR 72 - Topa Sky
Airbus A319-131 - Codeshare
Airbus A319-131 - Topa Sky
Airbus A320-214 - Fly UK
Airbus A320-214 - Topa Sky
Airbus A320-251N - Codeshare
Airbus A320-251N - Fly UK
Airbus A320-251N - Topa Sky
Avro RJ100 - Aurora
Beechcraft B1900D - Nordic Sky
Boeing 737 MAX 8 - FLY2
Boeing 737-700 - Aurora
Boeing 737-800 - Codeshare
Boeing 737-800 - FLY2
Boeing 737-800 - Fly UK
Bombardier CRJ700 - Fly UK
C208B - Topa Sky
Dash 8 Q400 - Fly UK
Dash 8 Q400 - Nordic Sky
de Havilland DHC-6 - Aurora
de Havilland DHC-6 - Highland Connect
Embraer E195LR - Nordic Sky
McDonnell Douglas MD-88 - Aurora
Saab 340B - Aurora
Saab 340B - Highland Connect
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.gif Bogota (SKBO) to
.gif Quito (SEQM)

ZAC01 - Estimated Duration 01:25:00

Leg 1 Flight Info

.gif Quito (SEQM) to
.gif Lima (SPJC)

ZAC02 - Estimated Duration 02:05:00

Leg 2 Flight Info

.gif Lima (SPJC) to
.gif La Paz (SLLP)

ZAC03 - Estimated Duration 01:45:00

Leg 3 Flight Info

.gif La Paz (SLLP) to
.gif Tucuman (SANT)

ZAC04 - Estimated Duration 01:55:00

Leg 4 Flight Info

.gif Tucuman (SANT) to
.gif Asuncion (SGAS)

ZAC05 - Estimated Duration 01:20:00

Leg 5 Flight Info

.gif Asuncion (SGAS) to
.gif Montevideo (SUMU)

ZAC06 - Estimated Duration 01:50:00

Leg 6 Flight Info

.gif Montevideo (SUMU) to
.gif Porto Alegre (SBPA)

ZAC07 - Estimated Duration 01:20:00

Leg 7 Flight Info

.gif Porto Alegre (SBPA) to
.gif Sao Paulo (SBGR)

ZAC08 - Estimated Duration 01:30:00

Leg 8 Flight Info

.gif Sao Paulo (SBGR) to
.gif Brasilia (SBBR)

ZAC09 - Estimated Duration 01:35:00

Leg 9 Flight Info

.gif Brasilia (SBBR) to
.gif Salvador (SBSV)

ZAC10 - Estimated Duration 01:45:00

Leg 10 Flight Info