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Fly UK is a leading International Virtual Airline for the Flight Simulation community.

If you're looking for a realistic, friendly and fun virtual airline, look no further.

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Featured Destination - Vancouver

Canada's third largest city and one of the world's most diverse. An urban centre surrounded by nature makes Vancouver a key centre for industry and tourism as well as being recognised as one of world's most well-living cities.

Vancouver is a key Fly UK gateway served by a daily 777 service from London as well as Cargo service via Memphis. Seasonal winter wet lease charter services are based here operating with 757 and 737's. Finally but by no means least, CYVR is now home to our newest franchise, Aurora flying in stunning areas of natural beauty. Beautiful coastlines, green interiors, challenging weather and spectacular mountains all combining to give our pilots a memorable environment to operate.

Vancouver Flights


America's waiting for you

Explore the fabulous USA with flights from Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and Kansas City. With our Codeshare partner MetroAir you can fly the B777, A330, B787, B757, A319, A230, E170 & DHC8-Q400.

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SkyTrack Live Map

SkyTrack - Live Flights

Who's flying where? Take a look at the SkyTrack Live Map to see what Fly UK flights are currently being flown, all in real time!

SkyTrack Live Map





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