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Fly UK's new FSD server and inaugural event

Posted 21, Apr 2017

Fly UK is proud to announce our updated FSD server and inaugural event on April 28th

Many of you may have noted discussion around the updated facility and pop-up controller sessions over the past weeks, and now were ready to share our first online event. The FSD server is a place dedicated to Fly UK members and has seen significant update thanks to the support of Ian Beswick and Gray Brett. Tied in with our TeamSpeak server we can offer full ATC simulation within our own supportive and friendly community atmosphere. With survey results earlier this year suggesting a large percentage of members avoid online flying due to lack of skill or confidence, this is ideal opportunity to join fellow members in a private virtual sky and learn without the pressure of being on VATSIM or IVAO.

More details about the FSD server and how to join can be found in the pilots handbook and also in the dedicated FSD Server support forum.

April 28th event details

For the first FSD event, our team will be providing ATC coverage between Heathrow, Liverpool and Edinburgh plus Scottish and London Area control. The server and event is open to all members who are welcome to fly either scheduled, non-scheduled on single or double sector routes to and or from the highlighted airports. Flying club VFR general aviation coverage with no route restrictions also available at Edinburgh or Liverpool

Only restriction is requirement to fly approved Fly UK aircraft types and Flying club weight limits for VFR.

ATC service is planned for 3-4 hours so members are welcome to join any tie within that period. Further event detail can be found on the link below.

TS help will available for newcomers with support from Gray via an 'Event Assistance' room for as long as required. You can be sure of a great level of support, guidance and friendly skies so come and join us.


For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us

Matthew Lewis - Operations Director
E-Mail: Matthew.lewis[at]



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