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Class A Tour - Pacific Rim

Tour Description
Explore the Pacific "Ring of Fire". Starting in Hawaii, home of one of the world's most active volcanoes, we take a tour all the way around the Pacific Ocean, with a few island visits on the way.
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 32197 nm
Approx Total Duration: 73 hrs 25 mins
Total Pilots Completed: 32
Total Pilots In Progress: 28
Total Unique Airports: 23
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Airbus A320-214
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 777-200LR
Airbus A321-231
MetroAir Airbus A319-131
MetroAir Airbus A330-243
MetroAir Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 757-200 FLY2
Bombardier CRJ700
Boeing 787-8
Boeing 717-200 Nordic Sky
Avro RJ100 Aurora
Airbus A350 XWB
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US Honolulu (PHNL) to
US San Francisco (KSFO)

FLRIM01 - Estimated Duration 04:40

Leg 1 Flight Info

US San Francisco (KSFO) to
CA Vancouver (CYVR)

FLRIM02 - Estimated Duration 01:40

Leg 2 Flight Info

CA Vancouver (CYVR) to
US Anchorage (PANC)

FLRIM03 - Estimated Duration 02:45

Leg 3 Flight Info

US Anchorage (PANC) to
RU Petropavlovsk Kamchatsk (UHPP)

FLRIM04 - Estimated Duration 03:50

Leg 4 Flight Info

RU Petropavlovsk Kamchatsk (UHPP) to
JP Tokyo (RJAA)

FLRIM05 - Estimated Duration 03:05

Leg 5 Flight Info

JP Tokyo (RJAA) to
CN Hongqiao (ZSSS)

FLRIM06 - Estimated Duration 02:20

Leg 6 Flight Info

CN Hongqiao (ZSSS) to
HK Hong Kong (VHHH)

FLRIM07 - Estimated Duration 01:45

Leg 7 Flight Info

HK Hong Kong (VHHH) to
PH Manila (RPLL)

FLRIM08 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 8 Flight Info

PH Manila (RPLL) to
GU Agana (PGUM)

FLRIM09 - Estimated Duration 03:10

Leg 9 Flight Info

GU Agana (PGUM) to
ID Biak (WABB)

FLRIM10 - Estimated Duration 03:05

Leg 10 Flight Info

ID Biak (WABB) to
AU Cairns (YBCS)

FLRIM11 - Estimated Duration 02:50

Leg 11 Flight Info

AU Cairns (YBCS) to
FJ Nadi (NFFN)

FLRIM12 - Estimated Duration 04:20

Leg 12 Flight Info

FJ Nadi (NFFN) to
AU Sydney (YSSY)

FLRIM13 - Estimated Duration 04:30

Leg 13 Flight Info

AU Sydney (YSSY) to
NZ Auckland (NZAA)

FLRIM14 - Estimated Duration 02:55

Leg 14 Flight Info

NZ Auckland (NZAA) to
NZ Christchurch (NZCH)

FLRIM15 - Estimated Duration 01:00

Leg 15 Flight Info

NZ Christchurch (NZCH) to
AR Rio Gallegos (SAWG)

FLRIM16 - Estimated Duration 09:50

Leg 16 Flight Info

AR Rio Gallegos (SAWG) to
CL Santiago (SCEL)

FLRIM17 - Estimated Duration 02:40

Leg 17 Flight Info

CL Santiago (SCEL) to
CL Iquique (SCDA)

FLRIM18 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 18 Flight Info

CL Iquique (SCDA) to
PE Lima (SPJC)

FLRIM19 - Estimated Duration 01:55

Leg 19 Flight Info

PE Lima (SPJC) to
EC Quito, Pichincha (SEQU)

FLRIM20 - Estimated Duration 01:45

Leg 20 Flight Info

EC Quito, Pichincha (SEQU) to
MX Mexico City (MMMX)

FLRIM21 - Estimated Duration 03:50

Leg 21 Flight Info

MX Mexico City (MMMX) to
US San Diego (KSAN)

FLRIM22 - Estimated Duration 02:55

Leg 22 Flight Info

US San Diego (KSAN) to
US Honolulu (PHNL)

FLRIM23 - Estimated Duration 05:15

Leg 23 Flight Info




 Stefano Biasiotti


 John Meinen
 Edward Smyth
 Bernie McDermott

FSD Sever

 Philip Beswick