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Class B Tour - American Dream

Tour Description
Bored of flying across Europe? Why not take advantage of the USA tour! We start in Boston on the East, travel across to Los Angeles, the city of dreams in the west, and then back over to the Capital of this great nation, Washington DC. With a mixture of both regional and large jets, this tour is bound to get you excited!
Tour Statistics
Approx Total Distance: 7725 nm
Approx Total Duration: 30 hrs 22 mins
Total Pilots Completed: 105
Total Pilots In Progress: 64
Total Unique Airports: 23
Total Dispatch: SkyVector Charts
Tour Aircraft
Boeing 737-800
Airbus A320-214
Airbus A321-231
MetroAir Airbus A319-131
MetroAir Airbus A330-243
MetroAir Embraer ERJ-170LR
MetroAir Dash 8 Q400
Boeing 757-200 FLY2
Boeing 787-8
Bombardier CRJ700
Boeing 717-200 Nordic Sky
Avro RJ100 Aurora
Airbus A350 XWB
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US Boston (KBOS) to
US New York (KJFK)

FLUSA1 - Estimated Duration 01:00

Leg 1 Flight Info

US New York (KJFK) to
US Niagara Falls (KIAG)

FLUSA2 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 2 Flight Info

US Niagara Falls (KIAG) to
CA Toronto (CYYZ)

FLUSA3 - Estimated Duration 00:15

Leg 3 Flight Info

CA Toronto (CYYZ) to
US Chicago (KORD)

FLUSA4 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 4 Flight Info

US Chicago (KORD) to
US Minneapolis (KMSP)

FLUSA5 - Estimated Duration 01:25

Leg 5 Flight Info

US Minneapolis (KMSP) to
US Rapid City (KRAP)

FLUSA6 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 6 Flight Info

US Rapid City (KRAP) to
US Casper (KCPR)

FLUSA7 - Estimated Duration 01:00

Leg 7 Flight Info

US Casper (KCPR) to
US Great Falls (KGTF)

FLUSA8 - Estimated Duration 01:15

Leg 8 Flight Info

US Great Falls (KGTF) to
US Seattle (KBFI)

FLUSA9 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 9 Flight Info

US Seattle (KBFI) to
US San Francisco (KSFO)

FLUSA10 - Estimated Duration 02:07

Leg 10 Flight Info

US San Francisco (KSFO) to
US Los Angeles (KLAX)

FLUSA11 - Estimated Duration 01:20

Leg 11 Flight Info

US Los Angeles (KLAX) to
US San Diego (KSAN)

FLUSA12 - Estimated Duration 00:20

Leg 12 Flight Info

US San Diego (KSAN) to
US Las Vegas (KLAS)

FLUSA13 - Estimated Duration 01:15

Leg 13 Flight Info

US Las Vegas (KLAS) to
US Grand Canyon (KGCN)

FLUSA14 - Estimated Duration 00:40

Leg 14 Flight Info

US Grand Canyon (KGCN) to
US Phoenix (KPHX)

FLUSA15 - Estimated Duration 00:50

Leg 15 Flight Info

US Phoenix (KPHX) to
US Dallas (KDFW)

FLUSA16 - Estimated Duration 02:15

Leg 16 Flight Info

US Dallas (KDFW) to
US New Orleans (KMSY)

FLUSA17 - Estimated Duration 01:10

Leg 17 Flight Info

US New Orleans (KMSY) to
US Tampa (KTPA)

FLUSA18 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 18 Flight Info

US Tampa (KTPA) to
US Miami (KMIA)

FLUSA19 - Estimated Duration 01:00

Leg 19 Flight Info

US Miami (KMIA) to
US Atlanta (KATL)

FLUSA20 - Estimated Duration 02:00

Leg 20 Flight Info

US Atlanta (KATL) to
US St Louis (KSTL)

FLUSA21 - Estimated Duration 01:50

Leg 21 Flight Info

US St Louis (KSTL) to
US Detroit (KDTW)

FLUSA22 - Estimated Duration 01:20

Leg 22 Flight Info

US Detroit (KDTW) to
US Washington (KIAD)

FLUSA23 - Estimated Duration 01:30

Leg 23 Flight Info




 Stefano Biasiotti


 John Meinen
 Edward Smyth
 Bernie McDermott

FSD Sever

 Philip Beswick